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    Immortal Gurus: Selfless Love as Spiritual Relevance

    Yogi Trivedi Columbia University Ivory-tower religiosity is often mistaken for spiritual excellence. In actuality, the guru is venerated in Indic traditions because she or he bridges social, economic, cultural, geographic, linguistic, and political archipelagos. The guru’s relevance can be gauged by the selflessness, consistency, and …

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  • The Rarity of a Living Culture by Amish Tripathi

    The Rarity of a Living Culture by Amish Tripathi

    So, what is the truth? “satyameva jayate”, says the Mundaka Upanishad. Truth alone prevails. Who would disagree? As the ancients would remark, “nissandeha”, without doubt. But what is truth? Is it my truth or your truth? Is there such a thing as universal truth? Is …

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    Hindu Cremation in South Florida

    On behalf of the Hindu community, Desh-Videsh and a few local community leaders approached Funeral/Cremation Vendors in Broward and Dade County and negotiated a fixed price for cremation and last Hindu rites. Here are proposals from different Funeral/Cremation Sites in Broward and Dade County. They …

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  • Broward Funeral Choices

    Hindu Community Service Package #1                                                                     $850 Witness Direct Cremation Package This …

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