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Poetry Contest : Prime Minister Modi

Some of you may know that Aruna and I visited India early this year. I have written in my editorial column about celebrating Jan 26 – India republic day at  Gujarat VidyaPeeth, institute founded by Mahatma Gandhi, visited Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad on Jan 30th, Gandhi ji death anniversary, hosted fashion show at one of the local colleges with the theme of Indian traditional outfits. 

In this article let me talk about one more very interesting thing we did while we were in India. Desh-Videsh Media Group hosted a Poetry Contest at one of the high schools. The subject was Prime Minister Modi. 

The rules of this contest were as follows, 

The format of the poetry must be a quatrain, which consists of four lines in each stanza. The rhyme scheme of this poem will be AABB, meaning that the first and second lines of each stanza rhyme with each other, as do the third and fourth lines. 

Only submit ONE poem, ONE time. Submitting multiple poems will cause disqualification. Only one poem per student will be accepted.

Poem must adhere to basic rules of capitalization.

  • Do not type poem in all capital letters.
  • Do not capitalize the first letter of every word.
  • Only capitalize words that are proper (i.e. names and places).
  • The first word of each line may be capitalized.

Do not use “texting” lingo. Properly spell out all words.

Poems containing language that is vulgar, offensive, or wholly inappropriate will not be accepted.

Instead of Announcing First, second and third winners, we decided to announce the top 15 winners and each will get Rs 1000 as a prize.

A Man of Humble Beginnings

In the land of India, there rose a leader bold
A man of humble beginnings, yet with a heart of gold
His name was Narendra Modi, a man of great renown
Who climbed the ladder of success, from a small town

He served his country with all his might
With a vision in his heart, and a goal in sight
To make India strong, to make it great
To lead it to a brighter, better fate

His words rang true, his actions spoke loud
He stood for justice, and he stood out from the crowd
A man of integrity, a man of grace
A leader who brought hope to the nation’s face

He led with courage, and he led with care
He knew the challenges, and he faced them square
With his determination, he made a way
To transform India, every single day

He built new roads, and he made new bridges
He brought electricity to the farthest reaches
He gave the poor a voice, and the rich a heart
He united the nation, and set it apart

So let us all hail this great leader
Whose legacy will only grow stronger and greater
For he has shown us what true leadership means
And in his footsteps, we shall follow our dreams.

Aahan   Grade 12

A World Leader

Prime Minister Modi, a leader with vision,
Guiding his nation with a clear mission,
Transforming India into a global power,
With development as his top tower.

From the hills of the north to the shores of the south,
He strives to improve lives and empower the youth,
Bringing modernization and innovation,
To uplift the nation with determination.

As a world leader, he stands tall,
Inspiring nations to rise and stand tall,
Promoting peace and cooperation,
For a better world and a brighter future for every nation.

With his strategic diplomacy and bold reforms,
He’s leading India towards great norms,
His vision for a sustainable world,
Is truly remarkable, and worth being told.

Prime Minister Modi, a world leader we admire,
A true inspiration and a beacon of fire,
Leading India with compassion and might,
Towards a future that’s bright and light.

Atharv   Grade 10

A People’s Prime Minister

Narendra Modi, the people’s Prime Minister,
A leader of the people, a true trendsetter.
With a vision for India that’s bold and bright,
He’s working tirelessly day and night.

His passion for progress is truly inspiring,
He’s transforming India with his tireless striving.
From Swachh Bharat to Digital India,
He’s bringing change to every corner of the land.

His humble beginnings in a small town,
Have shaped his outlook, never letting him down.
A man of the people, he connects with ease,
With the young and old, the rich and the peasantry.

His speeches are powerful, his vision clear,
He inspires hope and banishes fear.
He speaks of development, of growth and of pride,
Of an India that’s strong, with nothing to hide.

He leads from the front, with a firm resolve,
To make India great, to make it evolve.
His policies are bold, his actions strong,
To make India a leader, a place where dreams belong.

Narendra Modi, the people’s Prime Minister,
A leader of the people, a true trendsetter.
With a heart full of love and a mind full of drive,
He’s the hope of a billion, the light in the sky.

Kunal   Grade 10

A Great Visionary

Modi, the Prime Minister of India,
A great visionary who leads with pride,
His passion and drive, a force to behold,
As he works for India’s future, bold.

From humble beginnings to great heights,
Modi’s journey inspires with its might,
He rose through the ranks with hard work and grit,
To become India’s leader, a true statesman fit.

With a clear vision and a strong will,
Modi’s policies have transformed India still,
From Digital India to Make in India,
His initiatives have sparked a new India.

His words resonate with the youth,
As he inspires them to dream and pursue,
A brighter future for themselves and the nation,
With his guidance, they find inspiration.

Modi’s leadership has brought India far,
As he paves the way for a brighter tomorrow,
With his vision, determination, and might,
Modi is truly India’s guiding light.

So here’s to Modi, a great visionary indeed,
May his leadership continue to inspire and lead,
India to greatness, prosperity, and peace,
With Modi’s vision, our future shall never cease

Ananya   Grade 12

Mother’s Love

In the land of India, a leader strong and bold,
With a heart of gold, and stories yet untold,
Stands Prime Minister Modi, a man of great renown,
But behind every great man, a mother can be found.

She’s the one who taught him, how to be true and just,
With a love that’s boundless, and a heart that trusts,
She’s the one who raised him, to be kind and wise,
And to lead with courage, through the darkest skies.

Her love has guided him, through every trial and test,
And she’s the reason why, he never loses his zest,
For life and for service, to his nation and his kin,
For she instilled in him, the values deep within.

And though she may be aging, her love for him remains,
A bond that’s unbreakable, amidst life’s joys and pains,
And as he leads his nation, with a heart full of grace,
He remembers his mother’s love, in every single place.

For Prime Minister Modi, a mother’s love is true,
A love that never fades, and always shines anew,
And he knows that without her, he wouldn’t be where he is,
For she’s the one who taught him, to reach for the highest bliss.

Gitashri   Grade 11

Love Of Yoga

In the land of India, a leader arose,
With a passion for yoga that nobody knows.
He stood tall and proud, with a spirit so free,
And his name was Modi, the Prime Minister, he.

He spoke of the benefits, both body and soul,
Of the ancient practice that made him whole.
From the mountains to the sea, he spread the word,
Of the power of yoga, that must be heard.

With a mat in his hand and a smile on his face,
He encouraged his people to embrace the grace.
Of the practice that he loved with all his heart,
And the peace it brought that sets us apart.

He taught the world that yoga is not just a trend,
But a way of life, that we must all defend.
And with each breath, we take, we connect to our core,
And find the love, we’ve been searching for.

So let us follow Modi, and his love for yoga,
And find the peace, that we all deserve, ahh!
For in his practice, we’ll find our way,
To a world full of love, and a brighter day.

 Riya   Grade 10

International Yoga Day

Prime Minister Modi, a man of great zeal,
Proposed a day of yoga, to promote health and feel
The benefits of ancient practice, revered and divine,
To unite the world, in a peaceful and healthy line.

On the 21st of June, the world would unite,
To celebrate the day, with the sun shining bright,
Yogis, gurus and masters, would lead the way,
In a global effort, to promote health and sway.

The practice of yoga, is an art and science,
For the body, mind and soul, it is a reliance,
The asanas, pranayama and meditation,
Helps in physical, mental and emotional elevation.

With Modi’s vision, the world comes together,
To celebrate the day, in a bond forever,
A tribute to India, the land of yoga and mystic,
A gift to the world, for a life fantastic.

Let’s join hands, on this International Yoga Day,
And embrace the practice, in every way,
To promote peace, harmony and love,
And lead a life, full of joy and dove.

Tanvi   Grade 11

A great Orator

Modi, the orator, with words so clear,
His speeches touch hearts, far and near.
With his voice, he ignites a spark,
That sets India on a journey, bold and stark.

His eloquence is like a shining star,
That guides us all, no matter how far.
He inspires with his every word,
And his passion for progress is always heard.

His words are like a ray of light,
That cuts through the darkness of night.
He brings hope to those in despair,
And reminds us all to strive and dare.

Modi, the orator, with his power of speech,
Has the ability to move and teach.
He connects with people from all walks of life,
And leads India towards a future that’s bright.

He is a leader who commands respect,
His words always have a strong effect.
With his vision, he empowers the nation,
And inspires us all to rise to our station.

Modi, the orator, a true master of words,
With his speeches, he reaches the hearts of the herds.
He is a leader who truly inspires,
And his words will forever light the fires.

Love For Children

In India’s land of ancient lore,
Where the sun shines bright and the winds roar,
There walks a leader, tall and strong,
Whose heart beats for the young and the long.

His name is Modi, a Prime Minister true,
With a love for children, pure and anew,
He sees in them the future of our nation,
And works tirelessly for their education.

With a smile that lights up their little faces,
He embraces them with warmth and graces,
From the humblest slum to the grandest hall,
He gives his time and love to them all.

He builds schools and playgrounds with care,
To nurture young minds and help them prepare,
For a life of success, and a brighter future,
Where dreams come true and hopes endure.

He listens to their voices, their dreams and fears,
And wipes away their sorrow and tears,
He’s a father, a mentor, a friend in need,
Whose love for children is pure indeed.

So let us cherish this leader of ours,
Whose love for children truly empowers,
Let us learn from him, and follow his lead,
To build a better world for all in need.

Love For India

Amidst the bustling crowds and vibrant hues,
Stands a man with a heart full of love for his muse.
With every step, he walks with pride and grace,
For he knows that his love for India cannot be replaced.

Prime Minister Modi, a leader of great might,
Guides his country towards a future that shines bright.
Through trials and hardships, he stays steadfast and true,
For his love for India is unwavering and forever new.

He works tirelessly to bring progress and change,
To every corner of the land, from mountain range to coastal range.
He dreams of an India that’s strong and free,
A nation that’s a beacon of hope for all to see.

With his words, he inspires the young and old,
To work together for a future that’s bold.
For he knows that his love for India is shared,
By millions of hearts that beat with pride and care.

So here’s to Prime Minister Modi and his love for this land,
May his vision for India continue to expand.
May he be blessed with the strength and wisdom to lead,
And may his love for India forever succeed.

Passion Of Empowering Women

In India’s land of diversity,
Where cultures bloom with prosperity,
A leader rose with a vision clear,
To empower women without fear.

With passion in his heart and fire in his soul,
Prime Minister Modi set a noble goal,
To ensure that every woman in the nation,
Would have the chance for education.

He spoke of equal rights and opportunities,
Of breaking down barriers and ending inequalities,
He encouraged women to rise up and take charge,
To break free from society’s limiting mirage.

Through policies and schemes, he paved the way,
For women to succeed and have their say,
He empowered them with financial aid,
So that their dreams could be fully made.

With determination and resolve,
He championed women’s rights and resolved,
To create a world where all could thrive,
Where women would no longer be deprived.

Prime Minister Modi’s passion for empowering women,
Is a beacon of hope that will never dim,
For he knows that a nation cannot truly grow,
Until all its citizens can reach their full glow.

Love For Hinduism

With his heart filled with devotion and love,
Prime Minister Modi worships the divine above.
A follower of the ancient Hindu faith,
His devotion to God is the ultimate grace.

From the banks of Ganga to the hills of Kedarnath,
He pays homage to the Lord with every breath.
With unwavering faith in his heart and mind,
He seeks to uplift the nation and its kind.

With his faith as his guide, he leads the nation,
To a brighter future, with great determination.
His love for Hinduism is evident to all,
In his words, his deeds, and the way he stands tall.

From the holy scriptures, he draws inspiration,
To guide his actions and bring transformation.
He works tirelessly to spread the message of peace,
To unite the nation and make it a great masterpiece.

Prime Minister Modi, a man of great vision,
His love for Hinduism is a lifelong mission.
May his devotion and faith forever shine,
Guiding India to greater heights divine.

Jhanvi   Grade 12

Gujarat Chief Minister Modi 

As Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Modi stood tall,
A leader with vision and courage to recall,
His policies and plans brought progress and growth,
And made Gujarat shine like a beacon of hope.

He worked hard to build a strong foundation,
And made Gujarat a model of innovation,
With his focus on development and technology,
He brought prosperity to the state with agility.

Modi’s leadership inspired many to dream,
And his dedication to his work was extreme,
He strived to make Gujarat a hub of industry,
And to create opportunities for all with synergy.

His initiatives brought change to every sector,
And he made Gujarat a shining sector,
From education to healthcare and more,
Modi’s vision for Gujarat was nothing but pure.

As Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Modi proved his mettle,
And earned respect from all levels and levels,
He was a leader who worked with passion and pride,
And made Gujarat a state that can’t be denied.

Aaradhya   Grade 10

Anti-corruption leader

Modi, the leader bold and true,
With vision clear and steadfast view,
A man of action, a man of might,
He stands against corruption’s blight.

With words of strength and deeds of fire,
He rallies all, to quench the dire,
To purify the nation’s soul,
And make corruption pay its toll.

No more shall bribe or greed hold sway,
For Modi leads the righteous way,
With laws that bind and justice fair,
He builds a future free from despair.

The people trust his every move,
For he has shown he will improve
A leader strong, with heart and mind,
He fights for truth, for all mankind.

So let us raise our voice in praise,
For Modi’s bold and fearless ways.
A beacon bright, a shining star,
He leads us on to worlds afar.

Chinmay   Grade 12

Providing Equal Rites To Every Religion

In the land of many religions,
Where diverse beliefs abound,
There was a leader named Modi,
With equality in his sound.

He sought to bring together,
All faiths under one roof,
To end religious divides,
And provide equal proof.

No longer would one be favored,
Over the other in sight,
For Modi knew that unity,
Could only come from what’s right.

With open arms he welcomed
Each religion with respect,
And pledged to treat them equally,
Without any neglect.

For he believed that differences,
Should not create strife,
But instead be celebrated,
And enhance every life.

And so he worked tirelessly,
To build a nation of trust,
Where every religion could flourish,
Without any bias or lust.

For Modi knew that in diversity,
Lies the beauty of a nation,
And providing equal rights to all,
Was his greatest aspiration.

Bhavatu   Grade 11

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