DESH-VIDESH : Year in Review

ISSUE – 609

• How to Raise Religious Child

Every new generation faces the difficult job of raising its children. Though we may live in a time very different from that of our grandparents, we have the same responsibilities as parents as they did. We must nurture our children, help them learn society’s belies and values, and to teach them the skills they will need to survive as adults.

For hundreds of years, Indian parents were guided by traditions that never left parenting to chance. These traditions were passed from one generation to the next, but they all had the same purpose-to ensure passing down of traditions, customs and values that they lived with to their children.


• Remembering Mahatma Gandhiji

• Lonely at the Top – Lata Mangeshkar

• Nagpur – Place full of fusion and not confusion

• Magical Bundi

ISSUE – 610

• Indians in Hollywood

The term crossover cinema never crossed our minds, till very recently. Sixties and the Seventies were the years of “The Formula”. Hindi cinema thrust its viewers into arrogant colours, ‘dumdar’ dialogues, around-the-tree romance and a surfeit of ‘dishoom-dishoom’. Things were exciting enough at home. The public did not need to look further than the slopes of Gulmarg for a song and dance sequence. Asha Parekh or Babita with cottonwool balls stuck to their chiffon sarees made the fashion statement. The star-struck crowd had their breath knocked out by one Angry Young Man standing out amidst the multistarrers. Amitabh Bachchan had arrived on the Bollywood scene.

The main reason for the hullabaloo of the ‘The Formula’ type of films could be attributed to the Indian mindset, which at the risk of sounding condescending is more emotional than rational. Intellectually the Indian audience has a long way to go than say the American or European audience, which is not to say that American films are subjects of great substance.


• Successful Women from the Indian Subcontinent

• NRIs Returning Back Home

• Yoga – Getting Popular amongst Indians

ISSUE – 611

• Bush’s Passage to INDIA

This landmark agreement included a joint consensus on nuclear reactors, fuel and expertise, in return of the acceptance of international safeguards by the emerging Asian power.

This accord would end India’s long isolation as a nuclear maverick that defied world appeals and developed nuclear weapons. India agreed to separate its tightly entwined nuclear industry – declaring 14 reactors as commercial facilities and eight as military – and to open the civilian side to international inspections for the first time.


• Thoughts on Education

• Successful Women from the Indian Subcontinent

• Hindu American Foundation sues California State Board of Education

ISSUE – 612

• A R Rahman – The King of Music

AR Rehman started learning piano at the age of four. At the age of 9, his father passed away. The pressure of supporting his family fell on Rehman. At the age of 11, he joined maestro Illaiyaraja’s troupe as a keyboard player. His mother Kareema Begum stood behind him and encouraged him to follow in his father’s footsteps. But all this had an adverse effect on his education. Infrequent attendance and an unaccomodative management forced him to shift schools from the prestigious Padma Seshadri Bal Bhavan to the Madras Christian College and finally he dropped out of school altogether.


• The Biocon Bible

• Prosperity & Immortality

ISSUE – 701

• Healthy Summer Drinks – Using Indian Ingredients

Pineapple, papaya & banana with ginger

Makes approx 1½ cups

Ginger is useful in the treatment of nausea. This nutritious drink also provides carbohydrates and many of the nutrients that may be lacking if a person has been ‘off their food’.


• 1/4 ripe pineapple, peeled and roughly chopped

• 1 cup peeled and roughly chopped papaya

• 1 small banana

• 1 small piece fresh ginger root (approx 2/3 )

Process all ingredients through Juice Fountain and serve immediately.

TIP: To help clean the micromesh stainless steel filter, use the nylon cleaning brush provided with your Breville Juice Fountain.


• Rising Star – Falguni Shah

• Anil Kumble – India’s Greatest Wicket Taker

ISSUE – 702

• Famous Bollywood Stars

Love him or hate him – but you just cannot ignore him ! It is simply impossible these days to miss him crooning in his quintessential nasal voice “Jhalak dikhla ja…” or “Aashiq banaya aapne..”. He is everywhere ! He is … Himesh Reshammiya !

With his unique fashion statement of wearing a baseball cap and in a pair of jeans with the trademark stubble, this music director-turned-singer of the Hindi film industry is indeed on a high! His ubiquitous presence on the celluloid and his rocking chartbusters being played incessantly at the roadside eatery to the elite pubs and discos alike is an absolute measure of his popularity and the hysteria he has been able to generate among the masses.


• Incredible India

• What does Spirituality mean to me?

ISSUE – 703

• Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia– recognized all over the world as the living master of Bansuri (the North Indian flute) – is among a few but growing classicists who have made a conscious effort to reach out and expand the audience for classical music. As a musician, Chaurasia is a rare combination of innovator and traditionalist and has significantly expanded the expressive possibilities of classical North Indian flute playing through his masterful blowing technique and his unique adaptation of alaap and jor to the flute. He is probably the most accessible Hindustani musician who has popularized Bansuri and classical music among the masses.


• Ayurvedic Medicines!!!

• Raksha Bandhan

• Cricket-Loving Florida Town

• How to Raise Spiritual Family

• Independence Day- India & Pakistan

ISSUE – 704

• Navratri – A Global Festival

Festivals in India are a regular affair – almost as regular like the rising of sun or the coming of tides. But, there are a few which is celebrated with maximum passion and fervor, by all alike from the North to the South, East to the West!

Come October and there’s an air of joy & happiness all over. It’s the time for dance, music and devotion. It is the time for one of the most awaited festival by people from all walks of life -Navratri. An occasion when the young-hearts throb with excitement and energy and the older generation is full of devotion.


• Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

• Famous Fathers & Mothers of Bollywood

• Arranged Marriage

ISSUE – 705

• Diwali – The festival of light

The flare sparked up, whizzes high into the slate-black sky of the night and within a moment blossoms into a fountain of colors – resulting in a heavenly display of radiance that lit up the darkness of the night. Down earth, wherever the vision travels, one finds a spectacular illumination of tiny flickering lamps adorning in rows and coming out of every nook and corner – at homes, buildings and streets, glittering in its full vivacity. It seems that the message of the moment is symbolically manifested by the divine power, as if to say …..


• Ramadan

• NRI ACHIVERS – Making India Proud Abroad

• NRI ACHIVERS – Indra K. Nooyi

• U.S. Congressman – JOE WILSON (R-SC)

ISSUE – 706

• INDIA – The Exotic Travel Destination

Fages together, India has remained one of the most preferred travel destinations for the global wanderer. People from Australia to Yemen, Bulgaria to United Kingdom and Canada to Zimbabwe have been timelessly fascinated by the enticing beauty of this country and have thronged in numbers – time and again!

No wonder, they have! For the unaware, it might be only the land of Taj Mahal. But, one who has been here – he knows that there is hardly any other place in this universe which is so simultaneously blessed by the various manifestations of the Nature. It is, as if, Mother Nature has showered all her gifts to this rich country with open hands.

On the north of India, the hugely intimidating yet exhilarating snow capped peaks of Himalayas beckons the adventurous explorer to enjoy the maximum; while on the east, west and southern boundaries of the nation, the cool blue waters of the seas wash down the fatigue of the tired traveler.





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