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Editorial August 2019

Dear Readers,

Fashion, Beauty and Luxury – I am sure you all know by now that I am not into any of these subjects! So to write or comment on any of these is very difficult. But after reading the articles in this issue, you will notice there are many connections between beauty and Ayurveda, yoga and ancient Indian sciences. And I am sure you all know that ancient Indian science is definitely my field of interest.

In this issue, our staff editors and contributors researched extensively to develop very interesting articles with ties our ancient Indian beauty traditions.

First, be sure to read “Ayurvedic Essentials for Healthy Skin,” “ Indian Skin Care Brands That Stay True to Ancient Rituals,” and “ Must Try Natural Makeup Brands.” As we all know, without good health, nothing is possible and that goes for our skin also. Without healthy skin, beauty has no meaning. While commercial and popular products are available, many on the market have side effects. So it is essential to use natural products. The techniques and products defined in our Ayurveda science have no side effects. You may not get instantaneous results, but in the long run, it will definitely help without side effects.

When we talk about Fashion, Beauty and Luxury to our readers, you cannot ignore jewelry or Bollywood. Be sure to check out the articles, “2019 Jewelry Trends” and “Hot Bollywood Trends Running High.”

Now let me turn to another field which I am very much interested, Yoga and Meditation. Young and talented Yoga instructor and contributing editor Chahna Tailor goes one step further in her latest piece “Inner Beauty,” and she makes a bold statement that when you discuss beauty, you must also talk about inner beauty that can be achieved through Yoga.

Now let me take this opportunity to introduce  Shree-Sherrie Wade. Aruna and I have known Sherrie for the past 30 years. For those who have been reading Desh-Videsh since the beginning, you may recall Sherrie Wade wrote articles for us in the late 1990’s. Sherrie moved to India for a few years and is now back in South Florida. This issue, she contributed an excerpt from her soon to be published book, Knowingness Meditation: Your Enlightenment is Now. Please check out her article and give us your feedback. We look forward to more articles to come.

With all this talk about Fashion, Beauty and Luxury, we can’t forget about our Indian and South Asian weddings! So two reminders – the first is about our two upcoming MyShadi Bridal Expos, one in Fort Lauderdale on August 25 and one in Orlando on September 15. You definitely do not want to miss them.

Raj Shah Managing Editor of Desh Videsh Media GroupAnd the second is that September is our wedding issue. This is the time for all newly married couples to submit their wedding story. Please go to our sister website www.myshadi.com and click the “ Submit a wedding” button in the top right corner. Of course, for all our wedding professionals and vendors, be sure to also submit any exciting weddings for which you have recently worked.

Happy Reading!

Raj Shah
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