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Editorial August 2022

Dear Reader

Let me take this opportunity to wish a Happy August 15th Independence Day to all of our Indian readers and Happy August 14th Independence Day to all of our readers from Pakistan. Both of the countries are completing 75 years of independence from the evil British Empire.

In this issue, we have an article titled “India @75: Achievements and Aspirations for the Indian Centenary” which details India’s situation India when the evil British Empire left in 1947, its situation today in 2022, and where India could be in the next 25 years when we are celebrating 100 years of independence.

Britishers came to India on a pretense of doing business with India. Unfortunately, when they saw the rich heritage and natural resources available in India as well as the kind-hearted Indians, they decided to stay longer — much longer. They also decided to take over India the same way they took over several other countries, including the US. That’s where the similarities ended. Unlike other countries, Britishers looted India, not only taking gold, silver, and diamond, including Kohinoor diamond, but also spices, tea, and many more items. When they left India in 1947, what did they leave? A shattered economy, a major drift between India and Pakistan, close to 95% illiteracy, no roads to connect from one city to another city, electricity in fewer than 3,000 villages out of 600,000 and less than 5% of a total share of the world’s economy. Now, you know why I always use the word “evil” every time I talk about the British Empire.

Fortunately, they could not break India’s spirit, our affinity to 10,000+ years of heritage and energy within us. We are known for our hard work, dedication, and resilience in facing any obstacle that comes our way. The article “India @75: Achievements and Aspirations for the Indian Centenary” clearly shows that we have excelled in almost all fields post-independence. Whether it is in economy, science, information technology, sports, or even in the army, Indian men and women have showcased their true worth. The article also talks about India becoming a $5 trillion economy and the third largest economy in the world.

Now, let me come to another serious issue, abortion — the killing of an unborn child. Dr Mohini Shinde, in her article on abortion, talks very passionately about the Hindu views of this practice. As stated in the article, thousands of years back, Hindu scripture clearly documented that abortion is killing an unborn child unless the mother’s life is in danger. In 1971, the Supreme Court of India ruled exactly that. Recently, here in the US, the Supreme Court reversed Row vs. Wade, making abortion illlegal again and giving each state the final decision on whether they wish to allow it or not. In this column, I am not going to discuss my views on this subject, because I agree with Dr. Mohini Shinde word for word. I do, however, want to talk about how the democratic party reacted when this verdict was reversed. They are talking about removing the filibuster in the Senate, and they are talking about packing the Supreme Court. That is wrong! It seems they have not learned the lesson as when the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid removed the nuclear option.

It seems that we are discussing several serious issues in this month’s Desh-Videsh. The next article we have covered is titled “Top 10 reasons to have a Will.” On the surface, the issue does not seem very serious, but in the last three years in South Florida alone, I have run across six Indian families where husbands died without a will and their loved ones went through serious problems — not only emotional problems, but financial problems. That is why I urge every one of our readers to take this issue very seriously and do what is necessary as soon as possible. As the article states very clearly, you do not have to be rich to have a will, and some lawyers charge as little as $75 to create a simple will.

Finally, let me turn to a happy topic — our My Shadi Bridal Expo in Orlando on August 28 at Hilton-Orlando. As you know, we have not hosted any shows in the last three years because of Covid-19. Unfortunately, for that same reason, a lot of brides and grooms have had to postpone their weddings. It is my pleasure to report to you that a record number of brides/grooms are registering for this show. If you or your loved one is planning a wedding, Raj Shah-Managing Editor of Desh-Videsh Media Groupengagement, anniversary, or birthday party in the upcoming year, please register on our website so that you do not have to stand in long lines.

Until then… Be safe and Be happy!

See you in Orlando on August 28!

Raj Shah

Managing Editor

Desh-Videsh Media Group


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