Cover May 2016

Editorial May 2016

Dear Readers,

This month, we celebrate our mothers. Though we should honor our mothers always, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to take a moment and appreciate role women have played in shaping our lives.

Our cover this month features the cover of Expressions of Milk: A Poetry Collection for Mothers, written by Juhi Kunde and illustrated by Cathie Lowmiller. Kunde’s poems follow a progression of motherhood from the womb onwards. Touching and poignant, her poems make us all remember our mothers fondly and with respect for all they do. In addition to Kunde’s poems, we’re excited to publish poems from students in our community. Each honors the tradition of Mother’s Day in poems in a personal and unique way.

Speaking of youngsters, you know I never get tired of saying this, but I am continually amazed by the accomplishments of our younger generation. Creative and innovative, these young, bright minds work hard to address everyday problems, social injustice, and so much more. Each year, Forbes’ magazine publishes a list of individuals 30 and under who are up and coming forces. This year, the list includes a significant number of South Asian Americans. South Florida’s own, Bicky Khosla, interviewed one of the individuals to make the list, Anisha Singh (another South Florida native!). Learn more about Singh’s accomplishments and causes in Khosla’s article. In future issues of Desh-Videsh, we will bring you additional profiles of some of the individuals to make the list.

Finally, I want to thank all of the brides/grooms, families, and vendors who joined us for our MyShadi Bridal Expos in Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, and Tampa! We enjoying meeting with young couples as they plan their special day, and this year’s shows were no different. The support of our vendors is incredible, and we look forward to more shows in the future. Our next show will be in Orlando at the Hilton Orlando on September 11.

In closing, the Desh-Videsh team wishes all the grandmothers, mothers, mothers-to-be, and all women who act as mothers a wonderful, relaxing Mother’s Day!


Raj Shah
Managing Editor

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