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Editorial November 2015

November 2015

Dear Readers,

In the way a parent feels very proud when their kid takes a first step or utters their first word, we at Desh-Videsh Media Group are very proud of our latest milestone. Recently, we hosted our first-ever Community Leader Awards Banquet in South Florida, where we recognized fifteen amazing individuals with a special community leader award. This was an incredibly proud moment for us as well as all the leaders who were awarded. Each of these individuals were chosen from different walks of life, religions, and countries of birth. Each awardee has spent an enormous amount of time on community services and bringing the positives of our community to the forefront. On behalf of the entire Desh-Videsh Media Group team, I once again congratulate this esteemed group. On behalf on the local South Asian community, I would like to thank these fine individuals who have taken time from their busy schedules to focus on strengthening our community.

And speaking of a proud moment, the Desh-Videsh team is very proud to welcome our youngest and newest writer, Faren Rajkumar, as a staff member. You have been reading her articles for a few months now, and this month, she writes about what Diwali and the holiday âs traditions mean to her and her family.

Last November, when we presented the Fashion, Beauty, Luxury and lifestyle issue, we received positive response from so many readers. So it is our pleasure to present this year’s Fashion, Beauty, Luxury issue. Articles about top spas in the Southeast US and fashion designer Archana Kochar are featured. Rina Shah, from The Arpan Group, shares her interview with well-known Beauty Expert, Karuna Chani.

And last, but definitely not least, Desh-Videsh Media Group wishes all of our readers, vendors, and community members a very festive holiday season. We wish you all a Happy Diwali, and to all of our Gujarati readers, a Happy New Year!

Raj Shah
Managing Editor

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