Editorial September 2016

Dear Cricket Fans,

Cricket is a religion for most of Indians, Pakistanis and Indo- Caribbeans. For some of us who have grown up with the sport back home in our daily life, watching Captain Nari Contractor, Captain Sunil Gavaskar, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar or another cricket legend Brian Lara, the India vs. West Indies T20 Tournament hosted in our own backyard is like a dream come true.

I am sure most Desh-Videsh and Indo Caribbean Times readers are as excited as I am and are looking forward to the cricket matches. If you are fortunate enough to have tickets for the upcoming tournament, you will witness history in making.

Speaking of making history, Desh Videsh Media Group is crossing another milestone by presenting this Special Commemorative Edition of Desh-Videsh.

I am also very proud to announce the relaunch of Indo
Caribbean Times
, a newspaper covering news and events of Indo Caribbeans living here in the USA and back home.

As Desh Videsh Media Group reaches Indians, Pakistanis and Indo- Caribbeans alike, I will not take side of one team over the other, so I will end this column by simply saying “May the Best Team Win!”

Raj Shah

Managing Editor

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