Editorial October 2014

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Dear Readers,

This month, we’re thrilled to bring you a special issue focusing on Fashion, Beauty, and Luxury. As in any industry, South Asians have made a mark in the fashion and beauty world. From clothing designers to makeup artists and novelists to film actors, you can find success stories everywhere.

This month, we feature two interviews with Indian women are making names for themselves. Shalini Vadhera, author of Passport Beauty, is a makeup artist to some of Hollywood’s best known stars. Learn more about her career and new endeavor, Power Beauty Living, a social platform connecting women on varied levels..

A rising star in our community, Tulika Mehrotra, has a diverse background that led to her current role – novelist. Her first two novels, Delhi Stopover and Crashing B-Town are being released internationally this month, and both take on the world of modeling and acting in India. We’re excited to feature an interview with this charismatic Indian American who has dabbled in the fashion and film industries.

Locally, we’re fortunate to boast about our own stars! Michele Renee Zerda, makeup artist and owner of Michele Renee The Studio, shares some of her favorite tips and products for keeping hair healthy and shiny. Another important beauty topic – healthy skin! South Florida’s own Anju Thaker shares her tips for keeping skin clean and glowing.

We would also like to thank Katyayani Jhaveri of Devam and Rebecca Ponders of Bhindi Jewellers for contributing research and articles for this issue. Be sure to read Jhaveri’s account of jewelry’s legacy as it pertains to modern Indian women living in the US. And Ponders contributed information for our rundown of some the hottest watches on the market for men. You don’t want to miss out on checking out these high end accessories!

Until next month, happy reading!

Raj Shah
Managing Editor

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