Gabrielle and Tejas

Gabrielle and Tejas

The beach and the rising sun were beautiful witnesses in this couple’s journey of togetherness. Tejas Sale took his lady love to South Point Miami Beach; and as the dawn broke and the sun rose over the horizon to mark the beginning of a new day, he got down on his knees to propose to Gabrielle Guy. The couple then went to Naples, watched the sunset together, and pledged to spend their lives with each other.

After dating for three years, Gabrielle and Tejas decided to tie the knot on December 14, 2020. It was a union of both the bride and groom’s cultures. The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, was the chosen venue for both the wedding and the reception. First, they performed the Mehndi ceremony, which was affectionately supervised by Sneha Sale, Tejas’s mother, who had brought all the Mehndi materials from India. She created beautiful designs on the hands and feet of the bride–and also of the entire group.

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It was a beach wedding for the romantic duo. The color theme consisted of sapphire, vibrant yellow, and bold orange. The entire venue was decorated with artificial palm trees and glowing lanterns. The Mandap had mixed sitting arrangements with rustic seating, lounge seating, and round seats in different colors. Two cultures were blended beautifully, while simultaneously keeping the natural ambience intact. The groom’s mother brought traditional outfits for the bride and bridesmaids along with all the accessories, including floral hair clips, bracelets, and necklaces for the bride.

Following traditional Hindu custom, Gabrielle came to the Mandap under a bold orange chaddar carried by the groomsmen and heralded with an arrival song. Tejas entered under a vibrant yellow chaddar carried by the bridesmaids and heralded with an entry dance. Chinmay Desai, the best man, explained to the guests the significance of the ceremonies.

The reception commenced with the local custom of the couple watching the sunset together. There was a dance, a dinner and all the celebratory festivities. The theme was rustic royal with chrome and sapphire colors, rustic chrome lanterns, tea light holders, and candles along with multiple seating arrangements including beach chairs and loveseats. The couple’s first dance together was to the song ‘London Thumakda’. Mother and son danced to ‘Mavrai Majhi Ladachi’.

United in togetherness, family members and friends made this memorable event enjoyable to the fullest extent.



The Ritz-Carlton Naples


The Ritz-Carlton Naples


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South Point Miami Beach

Mehndi ceremony

Mehndi materials from India

beach wedding for the romantic duo

traditional outfits for the bride and bridesmaids along with all the accessories

floral hair clips


necklaces for the bride

traditional Hindu custom

rustic royal with chrome and sapphire colors

rustic chrome lanterns

tea light holders, London Thumakda Song

Mavrai Majhi Ladachi song