Healthcare can be India’s next IT sector, says Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

“The Indian healthcare sector has the potential to be the next IT sector, and the country can be the rescuer for our part of the world amidst the COVID crisis, ” said chairperson and MD of Biocon Limited, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw.

Kiran-Mazumdar-Shaw“It is already a $100-billion sector, we can make it over a five-fold sector if we want to over the next 10 years, provided we invest in the sector,” she said.

India is already the pharmacy of the world, she said and hoped for more commitment to the government’s thoughts with the sector. “60% of the vaccines that are produced for the world come from India, why are we not thinking about vaccine diplomacy for the world?” Kiran asked.

“We must invest more in this sector. We do not provide enough opportunities to our healthcare professionals, our scientists, our researchers.” she said.

“It is time that policies have to be in a way as it was done for the IT sector,” Kiran said.

“The public at large is made to believe that we are unaffordable and that we are profiteering. We have to respect the fact that we have the most affordable healthcare model. Do not expect the private sector to function below the cost. The government has to invest in healthcare, the private sector cannot do that,” she said.

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