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Hindu American Foundation’s NextGen Essay Contest Winners

Hindu American Foundation

Since 2009, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has sponsored an annual essay writing contest through which the “next generation” can explore their Hindu American identities. The theme for the 2014 essay was “Green Living.” Young writers in the 18-22 and 23-27 age groups were asked to consider the following question:

“How do Hindu traditions shape the way you live in relation to the environment? How can Hindu teachings guide activists to find solutions to broader green living issues such as GMOs, industrial agriculture, or animal farming?”

Participants are judged on their creativity, style, and focus by a six person panel consisting of HAF Executive Council members and staff. First and second prize were selected in each of the categories and awarded a prized gift check from HAF.

Hindu American Foundation
Desh-Videsh is honored to present readers with this year’s winning essays. The Desh-Videsh team congratulates this year’s talented winners and commends them for their insightful thoughts about our future.

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