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IRS Scammers

By Nirali Chokshi, CPA

*Ring Ring*
You: Hello?

Pretend IRS: Yes, this is the IRS. You have $5,000 due for your 2014 taxes. Either pay by end of business day or I’ll have the cops arrest you.

You: Get lost.

That is what I hope your response would be if you ever get one of these calls.
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scammers are on the rise and they are getting more aggressive.  Please be aware that 99.99% of the time the IRS DOES NOT initiate contact by emails, phone calls, text messages or social media tools.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scammers

Typical ways scammers try to take your money (but not limited to):

  • Threatening phone calls that mention police arrest or deportation.

  • Pretending to be from your company’s human resource department, requesting your personal information such as social security information and address.

  • Emails that look similar to official communication saying you need to update your e-file immediately or requesting to confirm private information by going on a fake/“look-a-like” website link. Do not click on the link!!

  • In-person visit demanding money with a fake IRS identification.

If you get any of the above, mention your accountant will contact them and get a call back number.

The main point to understand is that the IRS will not demand money without a chance to question or appeal the decision.

In the case you do think you owe money, first contact your accountant and inform them of the situation. The IRS specifies the taxpayers to make a payment to the “United States Treasury” by following the directions on your real notice or the instructions on this website:

(Please note in https, the S must be written there (stands for ‘secure’); and it is .gov not .com.  Very important distinctions!)

In conclusion, don’t get scared and never give out your personal information right away.  Validate the person first, ask for a call back number, their identification badge and don’t trust the caller ID name displayed on the phone.

 Nirali ChokshiAbout Nirali Chokshi, CPA

Nirali is a CPA working at her family’s accounting firm Chokshi Accounting & Tax Services in Orlando, FL. She graduated with her Masters from University of Central Florida in 2009.

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