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    All You Need to Know About the SECURE 2.0 Act By Krishna Rao

    The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) 2.0 Act is a recent legislative measure that was signed into law. This act seeks to make improvements to existing retirement savings plans by introducing new provisions to benefit workers, retirees, and businesses. The new legislation …

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    Everyone Must have a Will or Trust

    In this uncertain world, two things are very certain — everybody has to pay taxes and everybody is going to die. Of course, nobody wants to think about their own death. In fact, many of us try to avoid the topic at all costs. Unfortunately, …

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  • College Savings Plan for Your Children

    College Savings Plan for Your Children By Robert H. Scott III

    Professor, Dept. of Economics, Finance & Real Estate, Monmouth University The college savings plan known as a “529” is often touted as a smart way to save for a child’s college education. But these plans involve more than just putting away money for college. Here …

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    Soar that Score

    The year is 2016. I am 19 years old, on my way to Brandsmart to buy a television. The TV was $400 and some change, and I remember I did not have all the money up front. I was directed by the salesman to the …

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  • Bimal Shah, as a financial advisor for 21 years

    The “Becoming A Pioneer” Book Series that doubles your business in a year!

    Bimal Shah has a message.  You’re not alone. When you need a guide to navigate the business challenges ahead and achieve next level growth of doubling your business in a year, Bimal is the go-to guy. He is launching a complete book series titled, “Becoming …

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    Where to Start When Creating an Estate Plan

    The COVID-19 pandemic has made Americans even more aware of the importance of planning for the unexpected. While no one knows exactly what’s in store for the future, one thing you can do for your loved ones is create an estate plan that expresses your …

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    How You May Benefit from Another Government Stimulus Plan

    For the second time in 10 months, the US Congress has approved a fiscal stimulus plan that is designed to provide a financial boost to a wide range of Americans in response to hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes individuals, businesses and other …

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  • Financial Resolutions for the New Year

    Buy or Rent? That’s A Great Question

    Owning a home is an important life goal for many Americans. Yet buying a home is not always the best financial decision for everyone. In some life situations, renting is a more prudent choice. If you or your loved ones are contemplating the buy-or-rent decision, …

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    Bitcoin- An Impressive Bullish Performance

    Bitcoin has recorded an impressive bullish performance this year and the cryptocurrency doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Bitcoin has more than doubled its price in the year-to-date period; it is currently trading up around $35,000, a price that is exponentially higher than the trading …

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  • Five Simple Yet Smart Money Habits

    Five Simple Yet Smart Money Habits

    By Supal Vora, Private Wealth Advisor There’s no denying that it can take some work to create good habits. Becoming more disciplined about your finances is no different. Yet smart money habits can pay off over time, helping you increase your bank account and help …

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