Kunj and Hiren

Kunj and Hiren

Hiren and Kunj’s romance is anything but the cliché of young students meeting for the first time. The two were acquaintances in college, but didn’t truly connect until much later, and they haven’t looked back since. Both are driven and ambitious, and theirs is a story about unconditional support and respect for each other’s careers and lives with a strong foundation built on friendship and trust.

Kunj and Hiren went to college in Florida and were introduced by a mutual friend at a birthday party in Ft. Lauderdale. They began dating only a couple of months after that first  meeting. Hiren’s sense of humor was in Kunj’s words “impossible to resist.” They dated for over two years before leaving Miami for Orlando and better career prospects.

Kunj weds Hiren Indian Wedding at Harbor Beach Marriott Resort Photographed Asaad Images

It was in a park in Brickell, Miami, where they went to visit Kunj’s parents, that Hiren pulled off a picture-perfect proposal. Literally. Kunj found a photo album on one of the park’s benches, and as she looked through the pictures that captured their memories and love she found Hiren’s message on the last page – “Will you marry me?” Kunj closed the album to find Hiren on his knee as he repeated his question. Kunj’s answer was a heartfelt yes.

Kunj’s pre-wedding events included a Grah Shanti, Mehndi and Pithi at home. For the Mehndi and Pithi, artistic aunties of South Florida worked together to decorate the entire house with a beautiful ring of light pink, purple fuchsia and vibrant colors, and a see-through dance stage over the pool. The garba was held at the Marriott Harbor Beach and included live music and singing. Decor was done in vibrant gold draping with light pink, fusia, purple, peach, orange, yellow, white with greenery to create a very lively atmosphere in the garba Hall. Kunj and Hiren entered the garba hall in an old fashion rickshaw. 

Hiren began his greatest adventure in life with Kunj while sitting atop a magnificent horse. The Baarat arrived with exuberant guests ready to shower their blessings on the duo. The beautiful bride Kunj lit up the rustic themed mandap with her glowing presence. 

Kunj and Hiren’s traditional wedding was both understated and classy with four hundred guests not counting their beloved dog Toby, who was part of the groom’s entourage. Kunj, the co-founder of a nonprofit organization, “Hands of Esperanza,” which provides medical aid in Guatemala, set up a photobooth at the wedding to raise funds. The funds along with a large portion of the wedding gifts were donated to build a multispecialty medical and surgical clinic in Guatemala.

Kunj and Hiren danced to Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do for Love” made even more memorable as the groom played the saxophone. Kunj was joyfully surprised when Hiren danced with her friends. When it comes to Kunj, there seems to be nothing that Hiren won’t do for love.

Great Swing Decor By Suhaag garden

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