Mahira Sharma Comments on Paras Chhabra’s Eye Tattoo

Mahira Sharma Comments on Paras Chhabra’s Eye TattooMahira Sharma said in an interview with Spotboye that when she, along with others including Paras Chhabra were locked up inside the Bigg Boss house, they all used to tell him to remove his Akansha Puri’s name tattoo and replace it with Bigg Boss eye. It got through to the Bigg Boss 13 finalist and he did exactly as advised: he removed Akansha Puri’s name and had the Bigg Boss Eye tattooed in place. According to him the Bigg Boss eye opened his eyes. Mahira received a picture of the new tattoo and actually liked it, saying “it is beautiful.”

Mahira and Paras filmed for the new song “#LoveSoniyea.” Each filmed the song at their respective houses during the lockdown, and it should be released in the next 10 days. She is excited and hopes that fans will love to watch.

Paras said in an interview with the Times of India that he wanted to forget his previous relationship and hence had the tattoo modified. He had the Bigg Boss eye tattooed and said that he has a strong connection with the show. He learned quite a few things while locked up inside the house and about what went on outside. The Bigg Boss eye opened his eye, so he jokes. The eye tattoo now adorns his wrist. He consulted tattoo artist Nipul Solanki who then went about developing the idea and modifying the existing one. It took all of two hours. Do we see the Bigg Boss eye wink?


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