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Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner


By Yamini Sharma Chaubey

Dear You

It is ok when you didn’t get me, you are not me!

We are two different people, who choose to be together!!

I didn’t get that then, but I get it now!

I was scared of other emotions, Just wanted your smiling face only!

I was wrong; I should have said all things when I wanted too as you did!!

Love is not just about all sweet talk, flowers in hand and always agree with other

Love is what gave you the freedom to agree to disagree, it’s not only accepting a
part of you, It is taken you in, all of it,

Love is talking to someone without being judged, knowing their worst, seeing their
angry, crying baby faces, their all failed resolution phase

It is not living together; it is growing together, learning together, accepting
mistakes and asking for sorry together

So unfair I was, to compare you, I just know part of them, probably god part

We always remember what we didn’t do for each other; we never make a list of
what we did for each other

OOO .. I make your apartment home, and you made me your family

You start watching the animation, I goggled Manchester united

You change your sleeping side for me; I turn our AC low for you

You simply change coffee over my masala tea in the evening, I saw you side smile
when I spill all day information to you

You changed your whole weekend plan for me; I am trying to cook better for you

I held you hand while crossing, you always hug me when you come home

I learned some of the cricket and you know a lot of makeup brands now
You didn’t express much but I can feel I am your priority always

No matter how many people are around, It‘s like team of two

I know it is not all, It is just a starting, A whole long journey ahead of us

I am not saying, I will not make mistakes but we will do it together

The fight is never an issue, it’s just the duration and I will make sure that they last
for minutes only

I know you are nearby, solving other house issues all by yourself and waiting for
me to calm down

Please come soon, it’s just bricks and cement without you,

I will hug you tightly, never let go and you will say next fight when?

I will say Soon



Yamini Sharma ChaubeyAbout the Poet

Yamini Sharma Chaubey, 29, completed her PhD in medical mycology and has a background in research. She loves writing in both Hindi and English, painting, and talking with different people. Music and dance are the soul of her life. She recently moved to Gainesville, Florida, with her husband from Germany.

sweet talk

hug you tightly

Manchester united

Love is talking to someone

smiling face

scared of other emotions

two different people

Yamini Sharma Chaubey


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