September 2005

Desh Videsh September 2005 – Cover Story

How to Raise a Religious Child

Throughout much of India, a baby’s birth is celebrated with rites of welcome and blessing–songs, drums, happy distribution of sweets, auspicious unguents, gifts for infant and mother, preparation of horoscopes, and inscriptions in the genealogist’s record books. In general, children are deeply desired and welcomed, their presence regarded as a blessing on the household. Babies are often treated like small …

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Incredible Indians

Lata Mangeshkar

Lonely at the Top – Lata Mangeshkar

The realm of music remains incomplete without the mention of the nightingale of India-Lata Mangeshkar. Born on September 28, 1929 in Indore, Lata Mangeshkar has lent her superlative voice to Indian popular and light music having sung film songs, ghazals, bhajans and pop. Till recently (1991) her name found it self on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records …

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Nagpur - place full of fusion and not confusion

Nagpur – place full of fusion and not confusion

What should we call it Orange city or Green city? Anyway what’s there in the name said Shakespeare!!! Nagpur city was founded in the early 18th century by Bhakt Buland, a Gond prince of the kingdom of Deogad in the Chhindwara district. Than passed on to Bhonsles and It became the capital of the Bhonsles with the Bhonsle dynasty. In …

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Magical Bundi – Painted Palaces

THE rivalry between the twin cities of Bundi and Kota dates back to ancient times. As one moves from Bundi to Kota, the feeling that Bundi is suffering from a kind of inferiority complex becomes stronger. Bundi is older and more picturesque than Kota, its offspring, but it seems to have been overawed by the modern industrial glitter of the …

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Mahatma Gandhiji

Remembering Mahatma Gandhiji

What is Gandhian philosophy? It is the religious and social ideas adopted and developed by Gandhi, first during his period in South Africa from 1893 to 1914, and later of course in India. These ideas have been further developed by later “Gandhians”, most notably, in India, Vinoba Bhave and Jayaprakash Narayan. What is Gandhian philosophy? It is the religious and …

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