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Srilata Zaheer

    Paving the Way for Intellect and Opportunity –


    Education is a seriouscause among girls – especially when it comes to the girl child in India. It is commonly known that girls often do not get the same platforms and opportunities as boys are given. However, when it comes especially to the field of education, it is a much more grave issue. Women have proven in innumerable instances how they are capable of not just receiving the highest accolades in education, but have also contributed a great deal to the field as a whole. While their academic excellence is unquestionable, it has been somewhat rarer to find women heading larger educational institutions internationally.


    Srilata Zaheer spent most of her student life in Chennai. She grew up like any local Chennai girl – going to school, being exposed to classical music, and being involved in cultural activities. After her schooling, Srilata went on to study physics. It was after obtaining a management degree from IIM and working in the corporate sector for a few years that Srilata moved to Nigeria, where she was introduced to the world of teaching. From there on, there was nSRILATA_1044844eo looking back. She had found her passion and calling.


    Srilata joined the Sloan School at MIT, and her life changed forever. It was here that she met her husband Aks, and where the foundation for her career in teaching was laid. Srilata was nominated to the post of Dean at the Carlson School of Management. It is momentous, given that she is the first Indian American woman to be awarded a rank as high in a Top US Business school.


    Srilata feels that it is all left to the individual to achieve greater heights. She does not feel bound by stigma of being Indian American, or of being a woman. She feels there are enough women achievers in every field, and that Indian Americans are also as recognized as any others. She is immensely optimistic about the opportunities and the potential within India, as members of her own college are actively scouting for talent here, and also looking to make collaborations in running their programs.


    For Srilata, life is not all about work, and she has not lost touch with her roots. She is still connected with friends from school and college. Srilata has managed to optimize her life beautifully. She exemplifies how life is all about the exquisite balance.

    Srilata Zaheer

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