The Palatial Lavishness of India

The Palatial Lavishness of India

Rambaug Palace in JaipurVacation is all about removing all stops and living a life of nobility. While we all would love to be waited on hand and foot and enjoy a grand vacation, many of us do not know how to achieve it or feel we can afford it.

One does not need to go to some exotic, faraway land tore create palatial lifestyles and opulent living with modern facilities – India has it all and is where the greatest in extravagance can be experienced. Luxury tours in India expose a new dimension in tourism.

Experts in the travel industry questioned whether travelers would be interested. Statistics show that three percent of travelers have the desire and the money for luxury travel, so the numbers are not insignificant.

The Taj hotelIndia offers several locations that exude luxury. What is more, history can also enable India to bring in timeless traditions of immoderation to your experience. The Taj and Oberoi groups have created luxurious, grand palace-like hotels complete with extensive manicured gardens, gigantic structures that are laden with elements that cannot be afforded in normal life, and the feeling of being greater than the ordinary. What has made the experience more special is the characteristic Indian hospitality that goes all out to elevate the Indian travel experience beyond compare.

Several ancient palaces and forts around India have been restored and modified to be able to accommodate world-class luxury and quintessential style. While they may only have retained a part of the old world charm, when combined with modern frills and state of the art offerings, the package is so complete that nothing is left to want.

Oberoi Amarvilas AgraWith no free lunches available today, we are all aware that good things come at a price. However, the discerning traveler is aware of the value they get for every penny paid. So if it means shelling out more to live in the grandest palace in Jaipur, being able to see the glorious Taj Mahal from every area of your resort hotel in Agra, or being a lone island in the midst of a lake in Udaipur, this is a first class experience. Sample regal living at the Rambaug Palace in Jaipur, evoke the goodness of life at the Lake Palace in Udaipur, or simply relive timeless sophistication at the Amarvilas in Agra. The magnificence is not confined to the property alone. The dining experience, service, transportation, and the tiniest of details leave you reflecting about luxurious living. Sometimes, the experience lies in the subtlety of luxury.

Luxury need not always be in the most favorable surroundings. It can often be in the scorching heat of the desert, the icy cold of the Himalayan Mountains, or even in the thick of the jungle. With different ways in which luxury has been packaged, the vacationer can really get used to being treated like royalty. Luxury tents bring to light the paradox of luxury in untamed surroundings and can truly perplex you at the Oberoi vanyavilas in ranthambore.

When discussing luxury and vacations in India, you simply cannot go without mentioning the exquisite train journeys that take you to historic places. You may wonder what is so fascinating about residing on a train for a few days, but in being able to witness just how the constraints of space can still bring out the charm of living the life of royalty is a spectacle in itself. You are sure to be glad to have booked yourself on the Deccan Odyssey.

Luxury in India is everywhere. In fact, luxury cannot be divorced from the Indian experience. It is left to you to decide where and how you would like to savor the experience.

Bharatpur Deeg Palace


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