The Rhythms of Life Launches Alternative Medicine Platform

The Rhythms of Life launches an annovative website for people looking for an alternative way to cure diseases and sicknesses. Based in California with offices in India, people will have access to practitioners of both Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

The Ayurvedic section on the website offers solutions for chronic problems such as diabetes, stress,as well as solutions for beauty regimes for skin, hair and inner glow. Ayurveda is based on the belief that there is delicate balance between mind, body, and soul. Ayurvedic treatments are geared towards treating individual health problems through a holistic and deep understanding of the person and the personality..

Prad Sabharwal, one of the founders of the company said, “More than 30% of people in America have tried some alternative therapy in the past year because of disillusionment with regular medical practices and this is true the world over. The Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicines are not a panacea but they make sense to try for chronic ailments before resorting to cutting and drugging.”

The Chinese tongue diagnosis that is offered is amazing: by simply uploading a picture of one’s tongue, a remote doctor can analyze the person’s medical status of key organs of the body. These are liver and gall bladder, kidneys and Urinary bladder, large and small intestines, Stomach and Spleen, Lungs and Heart and provide food suggestions and medicine. It is amazing that such analysis is done without any X Ray, MRI or blood test. Even if one has access to best of machines, this is an invaluable test and the only true holistic process that can give the entire critical picture. Traditional Chinese medicine brings into play natural herbs and spices to treat or prevent illnesses. TCM can be supplemented with other methods such as acupuncture, teas, massage and cupping.

Rhythms of Life has partnered with a nationally recognized clinic The Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, a 100 bed leading hospital in Bangalore, India,   to provide 15 and 21 day resident wellness programs. These are totally customized programs and under the care of highly qualified staff of 50 Doctors, 90 Nurses and Yoga masters.

Both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are recognized by the World Health Organization of the United Nations as scientific, time-tested medical systems. These therapies and ancient remedies are of great help to those who rely on opiates for pain management or even those suffering from pain pills addiction in addition to a myriad of everyday and chronic problems..

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