Travel Guide : Honeymoon Hot Spot

If marriages are made in heaven, then honeymoons are arranged in the earth itself. What can be more romantic and sensuous than a newly married couple, holding each other’s hand, engrossed with each other, and quite oblivious to their surroundings, as they enjoy the beginning of their new relationship that is set to last a lifetime and far beyond. The excitement, joy, and wonderful feeling of being with the love of one’s life all alone in the lap of nature is indeed a magical experience.

It goes without saying that in order to make this experience an unforgettable one, the choice of venue is very much important. The primary criteria for choosing a honeymoon spot are no doubt the serenity of the place, availability of privacy for the couple, and the overall ambience that is prevalent at the place. Options are aplenty, and they range from the mountains to the seaside and from the forest to the desert. Options are not only limited within the boundaries of India, but can certainly extend beyond.

Below, the most popular yet mysterious honeymoon hotspots in India as well as abroad are identified and highlighted. While the list is by no means comprehensive, the most prominent honeymoon choices are discussed.

There is hardly any doubt that the first choice for a honeymoon destination is certainly Kashmir. Kashmir, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is known as “Paradise on Earth,” and it is simply incredible. It is ideally a honeymooners’ paradise. With its perfectly maintained gardens, rows of golden chinar trees, sparkling rivers, alpine pastures, and the backdrop of snow peaks, Kashmir is the most sought-after honeymoon destination for romantic couples the world over. The mesmerizing experience of staying in a houseboat at Dal Lake in Srinagar would thrill a honeymoon couple as much as the visual treat of snow-capped Sonmarg, Gulmarg and Pahalgam in other parts of Kashmir. Opportunities of skiing, hang-gliding, and trekking are a plenty in Kashmir and no doubt, has the potential to fill every bit of a newlywed’s heart with an unexperienced passion and happiness.

Goa, is another famous honeymoon spot which offers undefiled and idyllic beaches, placid seas, vibrant lifestyles, effulgent churches, fervent festivals and rich culture. The city also boasts the distinction of being one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations of both Indian and foreign couples. Warm and tranquil palm-fringed beaches magnetize starry-eyed couples who rejuvenate in the sun-bathed reposing ambience. Such beaches include Anjuna beach which is the source of supreme pleasure for newlyweds with its wild raving parties. For those looking for a quiet walk of solitude down one of the beaches, opt for the quieter version of the coastline at the famous Baga Beach. Life in Goa is always bubbling with ebullience and the natives are amiable, hospitable, and exuberant, not to mention, liable to break into a melodic ballad at any point in time. All in all, for honeymooners, it is a divine setting to start the journey of life.

Not to be left behind, Kerala, is yet another place of majestic beauty. Newlyweds can certainly enjoy the enticing beauty of Kovalam Beach and take a look at the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. But the most romantic is, of course, a cruise on the beautiful Backwater Bay. Places of interest to the honeymooners in Kerala are galore. The state, on one hand, has a generous smattering of lovey-dovey beaches for taking twosome dips in the tangy waters. The famous Kovalam Beach as well as the sprawling tea plantations, picture book towns, winding lanes, and holiday facilities at Munnar make it an all-time favorite for the honeymooners. The fabled backwaters of Kerala adds a unmatched dimension to a honeymoon where a trip through enchanting waterways and canals adorned with lilies amidst the unbelievably beautiful paradise of mangrove forests, emerald green paddy fields, and coconut groves coupled with the captivating countryside produces a magical ambience which words could hardly describe.

Lakshwadeep, a cluster of islands floating on the southwestern part of the Indian mainland, is another exotic honeymoon destination in India. This very romantic place is appropriate for newlywed couples as the pristine beaches exhibit palm groves that are aligned, and the warm nature of the local people certainly adds to the charm and beauty of this place. Attractions in Lakshwadeep are manifold. The wild sea and virtuous nature are in itself a must see. The islands of Kavaratti, Bangaram, Agatti, Kadamat, Minicoy, and Kalpeni are major tourist spots where coco-palm flora and silvery beaches with rich and colorful marine life makes an idyllic honeymoon setting. The green vegetation and the blue water of the sea make a wonderful combination.

Also known as the “Valley of the Gods,” Kullu Manali is the land of spectacular vistas and breathtaking locations, which indeed give one a feeling that the land must be inhabited by the Gods themselves. Snow-clad lofty peaks all around render a grand and divine look to the place. With deep gorges, lush green valleys, placid and enchanting lakes, gushing torrents, blooming meadows, elegant temples and so much more, Kullu Manali is spectacular in many ways. No doubt, the place is rated very high by newlyweds for their honeymoon. During the spring, Kullu is wreathed with beautiful pink and white blossoms, while the higher mountains are glistening with resplendent rhododendrons. Manali is a postcard-pretty location with picturesque scenery. Apple-laden orchards are a delight to watch as well. A trip from Kullu to Manali by way of the road that runs along the Beas River is an ultimate experience and animates honeymooners to a limitless extent.

While places in India go far beyond what has been mentioned above, for those who would like to go international, options range from the next-door mystique of neighboring East Asian countries to the swinging Caribbean Islands. A few among those, which would entice one and all for sure, are listed here.

For someone who wants a taste of East Asian Island countries or more specifically seaside fantasies, Bali is an obvious choice. This most exotic honeymoon destination is one of the 14, 000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago and has its own, unique appeal. The pristine beauty of Bali is seen on beaches along sandy shores, terraced hills, volcanoes and people with a determination to welcome everyone with their tradition of hospitality. The elegance of Bali is unparalleled. Bali has architectural masterpieces in the form of temples as well as various beach resorts at Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua. For lovestruck honeymoon couples, Bali offers various activities like sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing and trekking. As for the landscape of Bali, there is a combination of tradition, hospitality, nature, adventure and culture, which are all essential elements for an exotic honeymoon. No doubt, a honeymoon trip to Bali would be an experience of a lifetime.

For a little more distant honeymoon spot, the African island country of Seychelles holds much in store. Located on the Indian Ocean in a remote setting, away from noisy city life, it is an ideal honeymoon destination. Mahe, the heart of Seychelles, is a central romantic spot. This oasis has towering mountains with its feet immersed in the clear waters of the ocean. Sparkling deep blue seas along powdery sands covering tall palm trees lined beaches offer a romantic site for honeymoon couples. Nightlife at Seychelles is amazing, when the island lights up with brightly lit casinos and nightclubs. At night, one can also spot wandering minstrels and beach bands. Other attractions for a honeymoon in the Seychelles include water sports like diving, snorkeling and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the massive ocean. All of these offer the serenity that is so desirable for honeymooners.

For those interested in Europe, no doubt the eternal favorite remains ice-capped Switzerland. Apart from the snow-capped mountains offering fun and frolic activities for honeymoon couples, wonderful views of glaciers, lakes and Alpine meadows make Switzerland is a paradise on this earth. Alpine mountains offer numerous adventurous paths for biking. Switzerland is not only famous for its ski resorts and adventure games, but also for a number of museums including the Swiss Transport Museum and Olympic Museum. Popular honeymoon places in Switzerland are Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Mount Titlis, Interlaken Berne, and Gruyeres. What can be more enchanting than the feeling of oneness with your life partner at the backdrop of the towering snowy mountains of Switzerland! It is no wonder that this picturesque country remains in the top spot of all time favorite honeymoon destinations for ages to come.

Another spot that has gained tremendous popularity as a honeymoon destination are the Bahamas in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Islands of Jamaica, Aruba, and the Bahamas offer a scintillating experience, with the latter scoring above the rest for its sheer exoticness. The Bahamas are popular for its villages, clinics, churches, and marinas. There are private and serene beaches and a myriad of facilities are provided to make your stay memorable. Some of the highlights of Bahamas are Lucayan National Park, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino, and Port Lucaya Marketplace. Other attractions include snorkeling, fishing at the beaches, and playing with dolphins as well as fun-filled activities at Exuma Cays Land, Sea Park, Nassau, and Blue Lagoon Island. Certainly, one cannot forget the perfect romantic setting which includes being near the crystal clear waters and powdery sand at Gold Rock Beach.

Finally, can any description of popular honeymoon spots be complete without the mention of the evergreen Hawaii Islands in the Pacific Ocean? Hawaii attracts millions of honeymoon couples annually with its beguiling palm-fringed beaches and majestic volcanoes. Some of the Hawaiian Islands have superb scenery, and surfers, divers, golfers and hikers are frequent guests of the islands. The beaches are alive from morning until late into the night. Hawaii is a perfect honeymoon destination because it consists of many prime spots all in one. For example, the Hanauma Bay offers snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming or simple sunbathing facilities on the beach as well as shopping paradise in Downtown Honolulu especially at Aloha Tower Marketplace. Honeymoon couples can walk down memory lane in history while at the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Overall, a honeymoon at the Islands of Hawaii has all one could ask for in a memory that can be savored for a lifetime.

So … what are all of you newlywed couples waiting for? Pick a destination, pack your bags, hold your partner’s hand, and whiz off to any of these places to experience the divine and return with fond memories!

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