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  • May 2007

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  • Diamond: Girls Best Friend

    Diamond: Girls Best Friend

    Diamonds; these unique stones are world famous; yet, not many of us know much about them. We know that they are beautiful, dazzling stones used to create jewelry. But does anyone know the composition of a diamond, how it is created? How is the perfect …

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  • Invitations Set the tone for your wedding

    Choosing Invitations, Proper Etiquette and More

    Weddings require a lot of planning, something you may not have thought about when you said yes! One task that requires time, effort, and creativity is that of picking, designing, and sending invitations. Your invitations are the first statement you make about your big event. …

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  • Honeymooners

    Travel Guide : Honeymoon Hot Spot

    If marriages are made in heaven, then honeymoons are arranged in the earth itself. What can be more romantic and sensuous than a newly married couple, holding each other’s hand, engrossed with each other, and quite oblivious to their surroundings, as they enjoy the beginning …

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  • Bollywood Marriages

    Bollywood Marriages

    Essentially, the main theme of the majority of Bollywood movies for ages has been romance. What could be a better way bring the films close to the hearts of millions of movie goers than to cast time-tested pairs who share a mesmerizing chemistry among them …

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  • Wedding Stories

    Why work with a Wedding Consultant?

    Congratulations on your engagement! You are excited about finding that someone special as your lifetime partner to share the rest of your life together. You are looking forward to planning that very special day – your wedding. Congratulations on your engagement! You are excited about …

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  • Wedding Woes: What to wear?

    Wedding Woes: What to wear?

    Rare are the understated but elegant brides of the past. Today, it’s all about being OTT over-the-top! And with relatively more spending power than her counterpart of yesteryear, the modern bride is willing to spend significantly more to sparkle on her special day.The bridal fashion …

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  • Musafir: The Musical

    Musafir: The Musical

    Hameed, a musician, an arranger, and a music director, hails from Rajasthan and has a longstanding musical tradition behind him. His father and grandfathers were experts of folk and classical Indian music, a legacy that is successfully carried forward by Hameed. While he has proved …

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  • Saptapadi: The Seven Vows of Marriage

    Saptapadi: The Seven Vows of Marriage

    A Hindu marriage comprises of several meaningful rituals with varying degrees of significance. The rituals convey the values, which should be followed after marriage to lead to a happy married life. Marriages may be said to be made in Heaven, but they still need to …

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