Raj Shah and Rina Shah


Raj Shah & Aruna Shah

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the first ever Desh Videsh Media Group Community Leader Awards.

Desh-Videsh began with a simple idea. We believed in a professional, inclusive magazine for Indians, Pakistanis, and Indo-Caribbeans that would offer insight into our culture and guidance for our youth and focus on the positives of our community. A lot has changed in 22 years, but those hallmarks resonate as strongly as ever.

Today, we join together in a celebration of the accomplishments of individuals who embody the same principles. This year’s awardees are all active participants in the community helping bring spiritual and cultural guidance for our youth locally as well as giving back to communities in our native countries. We congratulate them for their hard work and generosity, and we thank them for being positive roles models for our youth.

This year, 2015, will mark 22 years that Desh-Videsh magazine has been in print. Some of you have watched Desh-Videsh grow from a 24-page black and white magazine to a 148-page full color magazine with a glossy cover. You have supported Desh-Videsh every step of the way, and words cannot express how thankful we are!

We are even surprised that Desh-Videsh now serves over 75,000 South Asians living in the Southeast US. Our talented staff has worked hard to improve the magazine’s value each year, but credit for that growth goes equally to you, our readers and our advertisers.

We value you telling us when we goof; such feedback enables us to correct and improve. But we also value the opportunity to serve you — our mantra is to focus on helping each reader and advertiser, one at a time. Do that cheerfully and professionally and the overall growth take care of itself.

We’re not done yet. Important community-strengthening work remains. And we are never tired of seeking ways to connect with readers. So, again, thanks for your part in making this progress possible. We hope to have the privilege of serving each of you for many years ahead.

Aruna and Raj Shah

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