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Yoga for Treating Drug Addiction

Yoga for Treating Drug AddictionRecently the world has celebrated the 5th International Yoga Day and almost every country people practiced the basic and specific yoga positions to be stress-free and healthy. In a protocol introduced in Chandigarh, the experts have declared that the Yoga is capable of treating the drug addictions and making the drug patients gain back their original state.

To aware the people about the different benefits of yoga, a 30-minute yoga protocol was organized for de-addiction. It was introduced by Dr. Shirley Telles, Director, Patanjali Research Foundation, at a seminar organized by the Joshi Foundation. The experts said that Yoga can be utilized to curb drug menace and get the life of drug addicts on track.

The protocol had Sanjay Beniwal as chief guest, who is UT Director General of Police, with guest of honor Dr. Mahendra Singh, Principal Government College of Yoga Education and Health (Sector 23), Vineet Joshi and Saurabh Joshi, chairmen, and president of Joshi Foundation. It also had Three scientists from Patanjali, who demonstrated the yoga protocol to more than 150 yoga trainers.

While telling about her views on treating the drug patients through Yoga, Dr. Shirley said, “When combined with other therapies such as counseling, support groups, and healthy nutrition, yoga can be very beneficial in helping treat addiction to drugs and alcohol,”.

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