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  • October 2005

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  • Yoga Getting Popular Among Indians

    Yoga Getting Popular Among Indians

    A slogan on a T-shirt in the West goes: “Whatever the question, the answer is� more yoga.” Yoga is not merely limited to a fashion statement; it is a practice that has taken the world by storm, India being no exception. Ranging from a cryptic …

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  • Kalpana

    Successful Women From Indian Subcontinent

    When the first Americanmusic videos and popularTV shows began appearing in Indian homes in the early 1990s thanks to satellite and cable, many predicted Indian society would never be the same. For the first time, young Indian women saw a regular dose of sexy, scantily …

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  • NRI Returning Back To Home

    NRI Returning Back To Home

    The land of opportunity or God’s own country as one may like to call it seem to undergo a new trend as the entire Diaspora takes notice of this U-turn, wherein the globally settled Indians better known as the NRIs are heading back to their …

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  • Indians In Hollywood

    Indians In Hollywood

    The term crossover cinema never crossed our minds, till very recently. Sixties and the Seventies were the years of The Formula. Hindi cinema thrust its viewers into arrogant colours, dumdar dialogues, around-the-tree romance and a surfeit of “dishoom-dishoom”. Things were exciting enough at home. The …

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