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  • April 2007

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  • Temples of India

    Temples of India

    India offers a wide diversity in terms of places to visit, both for tourists as well as pilgrims. For thousands of years, various places of interest around the country have continued to mesmerize wanderers and compelled them to register their footfalls time and again in …

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  • Travel to India: Palace on Wheels

    Travel to India: Palace on Wheels

    India has long been known to the world for the grandeur and pomp that is associated with the royal amilies and rulers of independent, princely states of erstwhile India. The lure of this extravagance had attracted several thousands over the ages. While much of the …

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  • Travel Guide: Yoga Centers in India

    Travel Guide: Yoga Centers in India

    The tradition of yoga was born in India several thou sand years ago. Yoga has its origins in the Vedas, the oldest records of Indian culture. It was systematized by the great Indian sage Patanjali, who described a series of postures or Asanas, which the …

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