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  • March 2014


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  • Immigration Q & A

    Immigration Q & A March 2014

    Author by Edward Boreth I received my 2 year green card through marriage to my husband who is a US citizen. It is time to renew it, but my husband and I are now separated. Do I need to write that we live together, or …

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  • South Asian Brides: Sleep vs. Beauty How to get 5 more minutes of sleep on your wedding day:By Michele Renee

    South Asian Brides: Sleep vs. Beauty How to get 5 more minutes of sleep on your wedding day:By Michele Renee

    I have literally done hair and makeup on a Bride WHILE she was sleeping. Yes, this is a true story and I have witnesses. My beautiful but sleepy Bride was propped up with just enough pillows and rolled up towels to successfully finish her hair …

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  • Top 10 Lavish Indian Weddings

    Top 10 Lavish Indian Weddings

    Indian weddings are known all over the world for their elaborate customs, sacred rituals, and lavish feasts. The wide selection of cuisines, designer clothing, and glamorous jewelry are some of the most notable features in any Indian wedding. As most Indians believe weddings to be …

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  • Kruti weds Viresh

    Kruti weds Viresh

      When Kruti first saw Viresh at a graduation party, she had a feeling she would marry him one day. Over two years later, the two met again, this time during Navratri celebrations. This time, Kruti and Viresh exchanged numbers, and they made it a …

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  • Arjun weds Ronica

    Arjun weds Ronica

      Two years after physicians Arjun and Ronica met in medical school, they realized they had much in common, including a love for the Florida Gators, hatred for libraries, and similar tastes in food. Once the realization hit home, they knew they were meant for …

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  • Ekta weds Vipal

    Ekta weds Vipal

      During the summer of 2012, Ekta and Vipal met through a mutual friend. Six months, hours of phones calls, and a few weekend meetings later, they knew they were meant to be together. Vipal proposed to Ekta at the Newport Levee on a dinner …

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  • Megha weds Neil

    Megha weds Neil

      We have all heard the story about reluctant neighbors who slowly develop strong feelings for each other and end up married happily ever after, right? So goes the story of how Megha and Neil became a couple. They were first neighbors while studying at …

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