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2015 MyShadi Bridal Expos Vendor Profiles

Congratulations to the Vendor Facebook raffle winners from each of our March MyShadi Bridal Expos. Many of the MyShadi Bridal Expos are active participants on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These lucky social media participants won the raffle for their respective Expo:

Atlanta MyShadi Bridal Expo: Peter Nguyen Photography Tampa MyShadi Bridal Expo: Idham Fashion South Florida MyShadi Bridal Expo: Proficient Travel

In this issue, Desh-Videsh gets to know each of these vendors. Learn more about their services and style from these interviews and be sure to check out their social media sites!

Peter Nguyen became a photographer after losing his father to cancer seven years ago, an event that changed his outlook and perspective on life. He shares “Life is truly short and they’re remembered by moments. It’s my aim with my photography to capture those most precious moments and let you relive them over and over again … I love catching unguarded expressions, fleeting moments, seeing things in different perspectives, and revealing great stories through my images. I’m all about the images, so don’t be surprised when you see me climbing on top of a hill, lying flat on the ground, shooting through the bushes, getting in the water, or shooting in the rain to get the shots you love.”

Atlanta MyShadi Bridal Expo: Peter Nguyen Photography

Nguyen trained with National Geographic Photographer, Joe McNally, New York’s Fashion Photographer, Lindsey Adler, South African Fashion Wedding Photographer, and Brett Florens. He recently ranked in the top 5% of Wedding Professionals nationwide by WeddingWire for consistently producing images that clients love, excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.

Based in Atlanta and Pensacola, Nguyen is available to travel within the U.S. and worldwide.

DV: What wedding-related services does your company provide?
PGP: I offer luxury and destination wedding, engagement, bridal portrait, fashion and editorial shoots.


DV: How would characterize your style of photography?
PGP: My style is editorial, which combines the best of the photojournalism, fashion, beauty, and creative use of lighting. My images are typically suitable for fashion magazine covers and large billboard displays. I not only aim to document an event with my images, but also do it in a way that has emotional impacts. It’s aesthetically beautiful and fashion forward. DV: How do you work with clients to ensure you capture all their desired moments and images while also maintaining your creativity and professional integrity?
PGP: By taking the time to learn about my clients’, their stories, and incorporate them into the photographs. I work with my clients closely on their wedding timeline plan and often consult them on how much time is needed for photography from getting ready, family photos, couple photo shoots in between events, etc.

DV: What has been your favorite wedding moment that stands out to you and why?
PGP: The first time the groom sees the bride on her wedding dress on their wedding day. I’ve photographed over 200 weddings and none of groom’s look was the same.

DV: What suggestions do you have for couples planning their wedding?

PGP: Choose your photographer based on style and images, not budget. Take the time to get to know your photographer and also share your stories with him/her. Share your inspirations and images that you love. Consult your photographer when you put your wedding timeline together.

Tampa MyShadi Bridal Expo Idham Fashion

Shaista Bhimji, CEO of Idham Fashion, recently moved to Florida from Toronto, Canada. Bhimji has always been a fan of Indian and Pakistani fashion. She began Idham Fashion when she noticed a lack of Pakistani styles in Orlando, Florida. As a recent bride herself and having spent four years as a wedding coordinator in Toronto, Bhimji is well aware of understanding a bride’s needs and wants.

Located in Florida, Idham Fashion also provides styles for online purchase. Shipping is provided around the globe.

DV: What wedding-related services does your company provide?
IF: We provide matching bridal party outfits (bridesmaids, mother of bride, mother of groom, etc.); casual, semi-formal, formal outfits for all occasions; and one on one consultation with an experienced wedding coordinator. We provide only designer collections such as Faraz Manan, Waseem Noor and Asim Jofa.

DV: Tell us a bit about your sense of fashion or fashion “personality.”
IF: I believe in investing in my clothing. I don’t shop often, but when I do, I may spend more than others just because I believe in my fashion lasting for a very long time. Pakistani fashion offers just that! I also am strong about looking unique and elegant in anything I wear. Because I believe in investing in my outfits, I strongly believe in designer Pakistani fashion. Which is exactly what Idham Fashion has to offer!

DV: What can a client expect when they walk into your boutique? How do you work with couples to ensure their wedding vision comes true?
IF: When walking into my boutique I can guarantee people will be in awe of my collection and my sense of fashion. I pick and choose each and every outfit that I have, and therefore constantly check the quality of fabric and design in each outfit that I have in my boutique.
When it comes to working with couples and their dream wedding, I know exactly how it feels as a recently bride myself. At Idham Fashion, we will bend backwards to make your dream wedding come true!

DV: What has been your favorite wedding moment that stands out to you and why?
IF: Cherishing that moment with all your family and friends! Being the show stopper and the one that awes the crowd – those memories will last a lifetime!

DV: What suggestions do you have for couples planning their wedding?
IF: Invest, Invest, INVEST! I’m a recent bride and I know that every outfit that I have purchased for my wedding I can wear again and enjoy that bride-like moment! Do your best not to make price the only factor of whether you buy an outfit or not, but rather look at the design and work that is going into your outfit. Take the time to research different types of fabrics, etc.


South Florida MyShadi Bridal Expo: Proficient Travel, Inc.

Gyna Herrera, Owner & Certified Wedding Planner at I Do Destination Weddings. Five years ago, she joined Proficient Travel, a well-known travel agency with over 37 years collective experience in the travel industry. Herrera assists couples with planning destination weddings abroad. From start to finish, including wedding planning, vendor negotiations, travel arrangements,day-of coordination, honeymoon planning, and more, Herrera provides clients with a full range of customized services. Based in North Miami Beach, Florida, Herrera provides services to clients all over the United States.

DV: What wedding-related services does your company provide?
PT: Our company provides all travel-related services: corporate, leisure, cruises, exotic travel and honeymoons. For our weddings, we assist our couples in choosing the destination and location that best fits their personality and requirements. We are dedicated to providing couples with an uncomplicated and unforgettable destination wedding experience from beginning to end, from the moment they start dreaming of a destination wedding all the way to when they return home from their honeymoon.

DV: In what regions (city, entire state, all over the US), do you provide your services?
PT: My business is based in North Miami Beach, Florida, and I provide services to couples from all over the US. I offer dream destinations such as Cancun/Riviera Maya/Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos in Mexico, Punta Cana in Dominican Republic as well as the Caribbean Islands such as the Bahamas, Jamaica, St.Thomas, and Aruba.

DV: How do you work with clients to ensure their wedding vision comes to life?
PT: I first meet with the couple for a complimentary consultation so we get to know each other, this will be one of the most important days in their lives and I want to ensure a sense of trust and connection. From here we explore and discuss their dreams, vision and expectations. Once I have gathered all the details I match them with the perfect destination property and seamlessly fulfill their vision.

DV: What suggestions do you have for couples planning a destination wedding and/or honeymoon?
PT: Find and work with a professional destination wedding planner who will have vast knowledge of the destination, properties and vendors. And even consider hiring the planner to be on site during the wedding events; language barriers and lack of knowledge can be a real stumbling block. Couple’s shouldn’t have to be worrying about the logistics of the event and whether or not they have chosen a good vendor or if they will even turn up; leave this to the professionals, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

DV: What has been your favorite wedding moment that stands out to you and why?
PT: For every wedding it is always the same moment, it is that moment when you look at the couples face and it is lite up with happiness that their dream wedding has come true. It is when the couple and their families come to you, hug you and tell you that they do not have the words to express how grateful they are. It is at that moment that I can affirm that I love what I do and that my passion once again has made a difference in someone else’s life.

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