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Editorial January 2016

January 2016 Dear Readers, Happy New Year! We hope you had a festive and merry holiday with friends and family. Now that it’s January once again, we thought it appropriate to focus on finance! Exciting, right? I imagine you’re groaning as you read this as the thought of taxes, life insurance, and college funding are not at the top of …

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Desi TV Duniya Jan 2016

  Rimi Sen latest booted from Bigg Boss 9-Double Trouble The latest contestant booted from Bigg Boss 9-Double Trouble, Rimi Sen, was on cloud nine after coming out of the house, which she described as nothing less than a jail. She thanked her fans in helping her leave the house, which turned out quite different from her expectations. She said …

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  Varun Dhawan determined to impress Rhea Kapoor Sonam Kapoor’s sister, Rhea Kapoor believes Varun Dhawan to be ill-behaved. However, the 28-year-old rising and already popular actor tried to clear all misunderstandings by showing off his best gentlemanly behavior to Sonam Kapoor. Recently, Varun tweeted a picture of himself, taken during the 2015 Filmfare Style Awards. The picture shows him …

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Ask the Doctor Jan 2016

    Author by Saira Gillani, ND What are some good vitamins for anxiety and depression? Alpha Lipoic Acid – This nutrient protects against theneuronal injury that occurs in the presence of toxic proteins found in brain tissue of Alzheimer’s patients. Research clearly indicates that lipoic acid is a potentneuroprotective antioxidant which strengthens memory and stimulates nerve growth. B Vitamins …

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NGOs in the South Florida Indian Community jan 2016

NGOs in the South Florida Indian Community There are over 1.5 million non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in America, and as members of one of the most affluent ethnic communities in the country, Indian Americans are well poised to dedicate their wealth and time to a variety of charitable causes. From organizations that benefit people in North America to those that assist …

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Funding Your Family’s Future jan 2016

Author by Rina Shah The Arpan Group Funding Your Family’s Future: A Guide to Choosing the Right Financial Planner Financial advisors aren’t just for millionaires. Individuals of all ages and circumstances can benefit from the guidance a financial advisor offers. Recent college graduates have different financial goals than couples in their 40s. A newly married couple may be interested in …

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2015 Year End Tax Updates and Tips

Author by Umang Thakkar   Tax time is here! What changed, and how will it impact your tax return? Don’t you feel Income Taxes are the hardest subject in the world to understand? That is exactly what Albert Einstein said way back when: “The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.” Taxes have gotten more complicated since …

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