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Adopt these scientifically proven ways to live longer life

It is a true saying that every action has its reaction. Likewise whatever choices we make in life have a huge impact on our life. Certain habits make our life heaven and certain make them even worse than a hell. Many types of research done all over the world have found that bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, not exercising and not eating a balanced diet can lead to early death. Such activities are an open invitation to early aging and serious life threatening diseases.

A little alteration in the lifestyle can lead to happy, long and a healthy life. These changes are not huge and also didn’t require any extra efforts. Therefore adopting them is very simple, moreover a necessity.

No Overeating at all

Eat as much as your body and stomach needs. An overdose of anything is unhealthy. Researchers have said that eating the needful amount of food helps in lowering the production of T3, a thyroid hormone. Also, it slows down the process of aging.

Keep a check on Body Mass Index

The weight of your body is an indicator of your health. An overweight body narrate the story of pain and trouble the organs inside would be facing. As per Journal of the American Medical Association, overweight increases the risk of chronic conditions.

No to Alcohol

As per research, a little consumption of alcohol is good for both men and women. However, over consumption of it leads to health issues such as weight gain, cancer, liver diseases, heart diseases etc.

Move your body every day

Studies have shown that regular exercising is extremely good for health. It not only controls the body weight but also reduces the risk of all kinds of diseases. In fact, the research done in 2008 states that physical exercise adds up to  years to the life.  Also, exercise never lets the beauty of your skin fade away.

Get Married

This might surprise many, may shock many, but this is true. As per the study conducted by the Duke University Medical Centre in 2013, marriage reduces the premature death. Hence, it gives the person long life.

Adopt these scientifically proven ways to live longer life

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