Aerobic dance and beyondAerobic dance and beyond
For those of you who thought aerobics was all about dancing, here is some clarification: Aerobic exercise is a moderate intensity workout that extends over a certain period of time and uses oxygen in the process. There is not just one specific type of aerobic exercise. Different types of aerobics include: fitness walking, jogging, swimming, kickboxing, skiing, inline skating, bicycling, aerobic dancing and more.
In line skating or rollerblading is one of the most popular sports that lure millions of people into trying it out. It helps to strengthen the lower back and works a great deal in enhancing cardiovascular development. Kickboxing is extremely useful for quick weight loss, as it helps in burning about 350-450 calories during a 50-minute workout session. At the initial level, kickboxing consists of some basic stretches and cardio warm up. But as one proceeds to advanced levels, punches, hand strikes and kicks are incorporated.

Aerobic dance and beyondIf you are among the types, who always tend to find ways to escape exercise, then the right aerobic exercise for you is fitness walking. You can start off your walking program from a 10-minute stroll and then gradually increase your level. In later stages, when you have built up your stamina for a higher intensity workout, then you move on to jogging. For the summer season, swimming is an excellent way to overcome the scorching heat.
Shake your body, and stay fit. Dance aerobics is the most famous form of aerobics. The craze for this dance exercise is such that it has become quite synonymous with dancing itself. Aerobic dance steps are actually a blend of distinctive dance forms like jazz, disco and ballet. It’s best for those who love to dance. So why not turn your hobby into a way to stay fit and healthy.

Aerobic versus Anaerobic Exercises

Most of us are unaware as to what is the actual difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. “Aerobic exercise is an energetic form of physical activity that fastens your heartbeat to about 65 percent of the maximum rate. This exercise is performed for a period of time extending up to say at least 20 minutes. Well, the functioning of aerobics begins with the burning of stored sugars and gradually it attacks on the fats that are stored in the body,” explains Shelly D’Souza, a fitness expert. She adds, “On the contrary, anaerobic exercise takes place in a quick span of time and includes activities like sprinting, weight lifting etc. Basically, activities that rely on brief or discontinuous bursts of energy are called anaerobic (without oxygen). They help in strengthening muscles and joints.” If you are just a beginner, you should get started with aerobic exercises rather than anaerobic exercises, so as to ensure overall fitness.

Attire to un-tire Aerobic dance and beyond
The perfect attire to carry out your aerobic session, enables you prolong your endurance for the exercise, without feeling tired or drained. First, it should be of loose fit, so that there is adequate provision for the free flow of air and unrestrained body movement. It is preferable to wear light colored clothing in the summer season, as it absorbs heat and also it gives a cool feeling to beat the scorching heat. “Whether its summer time or the time of chilly winds, it is advisable to wear some sort of hat or cap over the head, so that you can cope better with the climatic conditions. You should avoid wearing plastic or rubberized clothing, because such clothes are likely to cause a rise in your body temperature, which can be hazardous,” says aerobics trainer Suzanne Alex. Attire should be composed of several light layers of clothing, rather than one heavy cloth layer. The clothing layer touching your skin should be moisture absorbent. T-shirts or sweatshirts teamed with tights or drawstring pants serve as the perfect clothing for aerobic workout.

Shoes: Aerobic performance encompasses of quick lateral movements with lots of jumping and leaping for a particular period, so it becomes all the more necessary to take proper care of your feet. Don’t confuse running shoes with aerobic shoes, because they are not one and the same thing. Shoes should be such that, they provide a soft cushioning effect to your feet. They should have a strong supportive sole, so that the risk of injury due to slippage is minimized. There should be adequate provision for airflow on the toe side, so as to let the toes breathe. Always shop for shoes during the afternoon, when your feet size is largest. Wear the shoes and roam about for a while to ensure the fit is comfortable.

The many benefits of aerobicsThe many benefits of aerobics
The ensuing demand for a continuous supply of oxygen creates the aerobic training effect, physiological changes that enhance the ability of the lungs, heart, and blood vessels to transport oxygen throughout the body. Aerobic exercises reduce our chances of developing many common illness and diseases.
Most aerobic benefits begin to kick-in within four weeks of starting an exercise program. Within three months of consistent training under a professional trainer, there should be a well-developed level of physical fitness with the more dramatic benefits taking place. The changes in the cell’s energy system can start to speed up the reduction in total body fat levels. It is also important to be consistent and make your chosen activity fun!
So let’s make staying healthy our resolution! Enjoy the experience of performing this wonderful workout and lead a healthy lifestyle. And don’t forget to share your experience with us … Healthy Living!

The many merits of a regular aerobic regime:

  • The heart enlarges and increases its blood stroke volume; thus contributing to a more efficient cardiovascular system
  • The resting heart rate slows.  Less than 60 beats per minute indicates good physical fitness
  • Oxygen is used more efficiently resulting in increased fat burning during exercise
  • More available energy is due to greater amounts of ATP and PC for immediate power needs
  • Increased endurance and lower blood pressure
  • Reduced risks in developing diabetes and other diseases
  • Increase in good cholesterol, decrease in bad cholesterol
  • A positive body composition change – more muscle less fat
  • Better chance of maintaining healthy weight later in life
  • A great stress buster – helps you cope with all other emotional and psychological stress
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