April 2009

Desh Videsh April 2009 – Cover Story

Bollywood Bachelors

Bollywood Bachelors

As an invariable outcome of romance quite a few of such relationships do end in marriage. Even still, the number of such bachelors in Bollywood is not a miniscule figure and on its own, these stars can themselves create a multi-starring blockbuster. Take the case of Salman Khan. Sallu Miah does not require any introduction, as he has been part …


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NRI Success Stories - Bobby Jindal

NRI Success Stories

Bobby Jindal The political history of the United States has seen many iconic figures make an indelible mark in the minds of the people through their work and identity. The list includes several first generation and second-generation immigrants, who came from foreign shores and made the United States their adopted home. Unfortunately, until recently, the list did not include any …