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Book Review

Book Review

The Case for India
By Will Durant

The Case for India By Will Durant

In 1930, Will Durant, an American writer, historian and philosopher, came to India while he was doing his research for his book The Story of Civilization. But when he saw and read of Britain’s ‘conscious and deliberate bleeding of India’ that he set aside his research to write a passionate denunciation of this ‘greatest crime in all history’ in his book The Case for India. The book provides a perspective on the state of India around 1930 and the prognosis suffered due to an extended atrocity by Moghul and British rule.

The book is a must read for all Indians and also for those who care about world- democracy. Once you read the book and you will understand why this book was banned by the british parliament. The Case for India has now provided India and the world an means to know the true Indian history. This type of book should be added in schools and colleges in India.

Excerpt from the book The Case for India

Excerpt from the book The Case for India

The British conquest of India was the invasion and destruction of a high civilization by a trading company [the British East India Company] utterly without scruple or principle, careless of art and greedy of gain, over-running with fire and sword a country temporarily disordered and helpless, bribing and murdering, annexing and stealing, and beginning that career of illegal and ‘legal’ plunder which has now [1930] gone on ruthlessly for one hundred and seventy-three years.

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The Case for India

Will Durant

An American writer



Atrocity by Moghuls

Atrocity by British rule

The Story of Civilization

Desh-Videsh Media Publishing

conscious and deliberate bleeding of India

greatest crime in all history

Must read for all Indians

Excerpt from the book The Case for India

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