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  • Family/Divorce Mediation

    Family/Divorce Mediation

    Taghrid G. Hassan, Esq., a Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator, discusses the benefits of Family/Divorce Mediation. What is Family/ Divorce Mediation? Mediation is the affordable, more amicable way for divorcing couples to resolve their issues regarding division of property, support, and children. Mediation is a …

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  • Divorce Counseling By Dr. Kondoor V. Abraham

    Divorce Counseling

    Author by Dr. Kondoor V. Abraham Based on research, marital happiness is at its peak at the beginning of marriage, but as stress levels increase, it tends to take a downward trend and reaches bottom, especially when children are very small and the couple has …

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  • Coping With Dating Is Your Teenage Child Ready?

    Coping With Dating Is Your Teenage Child Ready?

    A child in the family brings great joy. After all, it takes a long wait and great effort for a child to be born. However, once the baby arrives time quickly passes, and before you know it, the baby is crawling, walking, talking and soon …

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  • Indian Family

    Indian Family

    The face of the Indian family is changing. Families today represent a blend of their native and Western cultures. Hoping to embrace the best of both worlds, families are now challenged to maintain a desirable balance between the two worlds. Perhaps you moved to the …

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  • Who Will Be Your Special Valentine This Year?

    Who Will Be Your Special Valentine This Year?

    Valentine’s Day probably immediately inspires thoughts of red and pink decorations and cozy couples entwined in loving embrace. Though this holiday has been celebrated for hundreds of years, its importance has evolved thus changing its significance from historical expectations. Taking a look at conventional Valentine’s …

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  • Wedding Stories

    Marriage and Immigration

    Author by Shirin Rustomji Marriage to a U.S. Citizen is by far the fastest way any foreign national can obtain permanent residence within the United States as there are no quota restrictions on the number of people obtaining permanent residence through marriage to a U.S. …

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