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“Covid-19 may be just one of many pandemics,” says WWF

A WWF report warns of steps to take to prevent a new pandemic like Covid-19. Recently, WWF published a report in which it warns that “if we do not take immediate action, Covid-19 may be just one of many pandemics.”


The name of the report is ‘Covid-19: urgent call to protect people and nature’, and it identifies different environmental factors that can trigger a pandemic that is transmitted between animals and humans like the new coronavirus.

The trade and consumption of wildlife, the change in land use due to deforestation, animal production and the expansion of agriculture, are some of the activities identified in the study as conducive to the development of zoonotic diseases.

Regarding this report, Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International, points out that it is vitally important to stop all these activities to prevent the spread of diseases and that other environmental problems such as climate change and loss of biodiversity would be mitigated.

“There is no debate, and the science is clear: we must work with nature, not against it. Its unsustainable exploitation has become a huge global risk,” says Lambertini.

The organization insists that it is urgent to take measures to prevent a new pandemic, and calls on the governments of the world to generate actions that radically change the way in which humans, animals and ecosystems are relating.

“We need a new agreement for nature and people, which puts nature on the path to recovery by 2030 and safeguards human health and livelihoods in the long term,” ended Lambertini.

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