Hema weds Anand - There’s Always Room For Love

Hema weds Anand – There’s Always Room For Love

Hema weds Anand - There’s Always Room For LoveWhen love strikes, though you may be an accomplished individual dedicated to pursuing a successful career, you will gladly make room in your life. Love is not like a job that can burden the mind, an unwanted chore left unattended, or heartache that leaves your heart heavier. Rather, love acts as a catalyst that brings out the best in you, and makes you do everything in your life in a happier, more refined way.

Although Hema and Anand had known each other for a long time, it took three years of spending time together and getting to know one other for the two to take a step toward wedded bliss. After coming up with a few different surprise proposal scenarios, Anand finally decided to propose at a mutual friend’s house.  There he arrived on a boat and took Hema for a ride. Once out on the water, Anand got down on one knee and proposed with a full audience waiting ashore.

Hema weds Anand - There’s Always Room For LoveHema and her family did the initial wedding planning, but along the way, they decided to hire professionals Eventually Yours to handle intricate details, negotiate better with vendors, and handle the day-to-day wedding coordination.

In May, Orlando became the center of activity as close to five hundred guests descended on the city to wish the couple well. Celebrations began with a sangeet where grandeur and enjoyment were the clear highlights. A vibrant Moroccan theme, low seating, rich fabrics and hand painted backdrops were just some of the elements that went into the first of many special events.

The day of the wedding was bound to be special when the couple, so much in love, made a life-altering promise to love, live, and enjoy their lives together. In almost characteristic fashion, the hall in the hotel was transformed into a palatial setting, with a special raised platform and pedestals. The colors for the occasion were rust, red and matted gold. There were also generous amounts of rose petals and floating candles strewn about to add to the surreal effect. Ceremony programs made in beige gold were placed at all tables detailing each step of the rituals. With a DJ playing music and family and friends singing auspicious songs through the wedding, the bride arrived and the ceremony was underway.

Hema weds Anand - There’s Always Room For LoveAt the reception later that evening, flowers, crystals and candles set the mood for what the celebration to come. Neutral lights, with vases that were tall, delicately shaped and small all added special touches and added spark to the atmosphere in many places. With curtains completing the cascading look, the area was a sight to behold. Indian and American music welcomed everyone warmly, with a special father/daughter dance and a mother/son dance too.

While planning for a wedding is not simple, Hema suggests that you look forward to the wedding, remember that everything will go well, and everything in which you have invested will pay off. Although you may envision some nightmare scenarios, only sweet dreams followed by a magical wedding will regale everyone present.

Hema weds Anand - There’s Always Room For LoveHema weds Anand - There’s Always Room For Love

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