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  • September 2012

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  • 1909 COVER

    Editorial September 2012

    September 2012 Dear Readers, Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve found the love of your life, and now the excitement of planning what may be the most important day of your life is upon you. During this time of anticipation and expectation, it is easy to …

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  • Immigration Q & A

    Immigration Q & A September 2012

    Author by Edward Boreth Q. I am 20 years old. I came here when I was 15. Unfortunately I did not graduate from high school. I have no other status. Can I apply for benefits under the new Obama rule? The rule you are referring …

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  • Honeymooners

    Honeymooners: Discover Colorful India and its Beauty

    Whether you want to visit the sun-baked beaches in the south or go hiking on an adventure trail, India has it all. India even offers you one of the best holy shrines in the world and many serene mountaineering locales, which can transport you and …

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  • Love in the Fast Lane Mattie weds Naresh

    Love in the Fast Lane Mattie weds Naresh

    While love may take years to grow on some, a meeting at work soon grew into friendship and then a relationship with love playing catalyst in this story. Mattie and Naresh had a whirlwind romance, and were soon to be wed. It can be somewhat …

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  • Heart and Soul Payal With Parag

    Heart and Soul Payal With Parag

    Though doctors may be able to diagnose and know instinctively what is going on with the body, matters of the heart and love are entirely different. Ask Payal and Parag, who knew each other for months before they even began to date. Although both are …

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  • Love Keeps Us Alive Anuradha weds Avinash

    Love Keeps Us Alive Anuradha weds Avinash

    Miles may separate lovelorn hearts, and years may pass before they even catch a glimpse of one another, but when love is meant to be – it will always find a reason and time. Though Anuradha and her family moved from Trinidad and found a …

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  • A Perfect Confluence of Love: The Esha Deol Bharat Takhtani Wedding

    A Perfect Confluence of Love: The Esha Deol Bharat Takhtani Wedding

    June 29 was a very special day for legendary stars Dharmendra and Hema Malini as their eldest daughter, Esha Deol, was bonded in holy matrimony to Bharat Takhtani. The ceremony matched perfectly with the people involved – glamorous, beautiful and opulent. The doting parents sent …

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  • Trends in Indian Weddings by Rina Shah

    Trends in Indian Weddings

    Author by Rina Shah The Arpan Group Colorful, lively, and Festive. Extravagant yet elegant. A compilation of centuries old rituals and traditions set against a modern backdrop of thoughtfully designed place settings and memorable favors. Intricate details come together in a lush, breathtaking picture. If …

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  • Cupid Strikes Rajal weds Jay

    Cupid Strikes Rajal weds Jay

    Cupid works his magic in many ways. Though many love stories seem similar, no two love stories are really the same. While Cupid may decide to use friends, jobs, a city or even a special occasion to bring people together, you cannot deny that his …

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