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Letrend Boutique

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Le Trend Boutique offers Custom Bridal Outfits. The high-end clothing boutique specializes in bridal wear-from off the rack clothes for bridesmaids and children to menswear and formal wear for grooms. We work by appointment only. The bride or groom are able to choose their fabric, type of embroidery, color and style so that we can ensure the outfits are totally custom and reflect the couple’s vision.

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2016 MyShadi Bridal Expos: Year in Review

2016 MyShadi Bridal Expos: Year in Review

Dazzling mandaps, gorgeous bridal wear, and the buzz of excited couples were a part of each of the MyShadi Bridal Expos this year. Couples along with their families and bridal parties attended the bridal show in the hopes of marking items off their wedding-to-do checklist. With a wide variety of vendors, from banquet halls and photographers to decorators and makeup …

Risha weds Stefen

Risha weds Stefen

Risha Krystal Permanan and Stefen Mohammad had a chance meeting. They began dating, and then eight years later Stefen proposed – and he did it in style. On their way to his father and brother’s joint birthday party, Stefen took Risha on a short detour to an undisclosed location. Doors flung open upon their arrival, and they were welcomed by …

Love Keeps Us Alive Anuradha weds Avinash

Love Keeps Us Alive Anuradha weds Avinash

Miles may separate lovelorn hearts, and years may pass before they even catch a glimpse of one another, but when love is meant to be – it will always find a reason and time. Though Anuradha and her family moved from Trinidad and found a new home in Florida, fate brought Anuradha and Avinash together, simply because true love is …

Shalini Weds Randy

Shalini Weds Randy

Your first love, whether in adolescence or adulthood, is never forgotten. Often, puppy love does not last very long, and we tend to move on in life. It is rare for a first love to be the last and eventually culminate in marriage, but in the lucky instances that it does, life can be nothing short of perfect. In this …

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