Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Hello Desh–Videsh, It was good to read about Indians who have gotten into US politics. After reading the article, I explained to my eight-year-old girl that there is no such thing as an impossible task. If we set our minds to something, we can do anything. Thank you for focusing on the many successes of Indians. They serve as wonderful role model for our kids.

Bharat Singh
Lake City, FL

Hello Bollywood Section Editor, I love your Bollywood News section. There are lots of websites that provide Bollywood news, but I like your magazine’s section because it gives all the important news in one section. One suggestion would be to see a list of newly released movies.

Editor’s note: Good suggestion! We will try to include this list starting in our next issue.

Aminah Khan
Boca Raton, FL

Dear Editor,
I was very pleased to read your article about the Sa Re Ga Ma Little Champs. I have not been to India in a long time and feel disconnected at times since I don’t get to watch Indian channels much. Your magazine gives me that connection. I am glad that teenagers in India are getting the chance to perform at a national level. I hope that they can break the monopoly of the Lata, Rafi, and Mukesh types of artists.

Anando Rao
Atlanta, GA

Hello Katyani, Your article about Indian students in the US gave me some inspiration! I am in middle school and am thinking of competing in my next school competition.

Rikin Reddy
Atlanta, GA

Hello Nilam, We love your Bal Vikas section. My six-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son enjoying playing the games! I hope you consider making it a regular section.

– Rita Chatterjee
Marietta, GA

Dear Editor, I have a suggestion for someone to cover in your community pride column. What is the best way to send in our recommendations?

– Sohail Khan
Miami, FL

Editor’s note: We would love to hear from you. Please send us a brief bio along with the name, phone, and email address to editor@deshvidesh.com.

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