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  • December 2009

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  • Indians in US Politics

    Indians in US Politics

    Traditionally, it is believed that Indians are very good at politics, whether it is within the confines of their homes, or in their locality or community, or in the greater spheres of state or national politics. That may be why, often when things do not …

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  • Letters to the editor

    Letters to the editor

    Hello Desh–Videsh, It was good to read about Indians who have gotten into US politics. After reading the article, I explained to my eight-year-old girl that there is no such thing as an impossible task. If we set our minds to something, we can do …

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  • Bollywood Today

    Bollywood Today

    Raj Kundra plans to ride chariot on wedding day Finally, the sensuous and gorgeous Shilpa Shetty has decided to tie the knot with her beau – Britain-based businessman Raj Kundra. The event will take place at her friend Kiran Bawa’s Khandala bungalow on November 22. …

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  • Words to live by

    Words to live by

    Valunteer in India Right outside my window, I could hear the waves crashing against Chowpatty Beach and the bells ringing at Maha Laxmi temple. I sat in a room with no air-conditioning, tying knots onto the ends of rope pieces as the students I was …

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  • It's Your Money

    It’s Your Money

    Planning Investments for Tax Advantages (1) Reducing the amount of taxable income (2) Reducing the tax rate (3) Controlling the time when the tax must be paid (4) Claiming any available tax credit Tax-Favored Investments: Capital gains and qualified dividends are taxed at lower rates. …

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  • The Indo-Caribbean Diaspora in North America

    The Indo-Caribbean Diaspora in North America

    In the twentieth century, many Indo-Caribbean people migrated to North America to escape the poverty, lack of equal opportunity and political abandonment that they experienced in the Caribbean nations. Coming to North America was a difficult decision because the Caribbean is, and perhaps always will …

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  • Democracies Unite

    Democracies Unite

    During a week when Americans gave thanks, President Obama hosted Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for an official state visit, the highlight of which was the administration’s first state dinner. Prime Minister Singh and a delegation of government officials and business leaders arrived in Washington …

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