March 2011

Desh Videsh March 2011 – Cover Story

Magic in the Air

Magic in the Air

Photos Courtesy: Shipra Panosian Photography A proposal made in the air, and a wedding solemnized on earth, … this jodi was made in heaven Poornima flew from Philadelphia to Tampa, where she and Anand Tyagi lived planned to spend a quality weekend together. Poornima’s sleep during the flight was interrupted by an announcement. It was about a surprise gift …


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Real Wedding

Tejal Weds Nirav

Love at First sight

Photos Courtesy: Digital Dreams Studio They met and fell in love at first sight… marriage followed a decade later. Tejal was at dinner at a family friend’s place in London when cupid struck. For her, angels sang, birds chirped, and the sun brightly shone off Nirav, the guy with a big smile, dining with her. Both were in London …

Real Wedding

Mona Weds Gurminder Singh

Gujarat meets Punjab

Photos Courtesy: Zamana Lifestyles Mona and Gurminder’s was not just a wedding of two individuals. It was the union of two mighty states of India. Gujarat and Panjab tied the knot one evening in America. Real estate professional Mona Desai roots hail from Gujarat, India. The family of Gurminder Singh Thind, a strength coach for Texas Tech’s football team, …

Real Wedding

Kiran Weds Nina

Medicine ne bana di jodi

Photos Courtesy: Salsan International It was on a summer evening at the University of Illinois, Chicago when Kiran and Nina met for the first time. Both were studying medicine – Kiran was as relaxed and laid-back as Nina was high-strung and focused. A few dates later the two opposites realized that they were attracted to each other for life. …

Real Wedding

Hitesh Weds Amy

Double Knot

Photos Courtesy: IWP Photography Seven Christian vows and seven Hindu pheras have tied Hitesh and Amy in a doubly strong knot. Hitesh and Amy met in college at the University of Chapel Hill in North Carolina. They started dating and it only took six more years for Hitesh to propose! Hitesh and Amy took a trip to Corolla, NC …

Real Wedding

Nirmal Weds Hemali

A Bridge to the Future

Photos Courtesy: Fine Art Productions Nirmal and Hemali were enjoying a romantic evening at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City. The iconic Manhattan skyline offered the perfect backdrop. Nirmal started with a speech, but his words were ruthlessly subdued by the noise of a train passing by. The noisy scene ended as Nirmal offered a ring. Hemali …

Real Wedding

Rachana Weds Ankur

Knot by Net

Photos Courtesy: Zamana Lifestyles Ankur and Rachna Found each other on the internet, only to sign in for a lifelong connection. Rachna just returned home after a 12-hour long shift, hungry and tired. What happened next was least expected. Her friend Ankur was waiting at her home. Dancing candles all around, and he stood in the middle of the …

Real Wedding

Sumit Weds Anjali

Sweet Fruit of Labor

Photos Courtesy: Zamana Lifestyles Sumit and Anjali recognized the uncommon chemistry between them the very day they met. It took more than ten years for this pharmacist and attorney to come together in a lifelong union. Anjali Desai, a college student at Emory in Atlanta and Sumit Jain, at UNC Chapel Hill, met through a common friend in 1999. …


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