Paloma weds Neilv

Paloma weds Neil

Paloma weds NeilSometimes friends and family play a pivotal role in helping a couple come together. In other cases, a wonderful platform called does the trick. This is just what brought Neil and Paloma together. It seemed destined to be, as Paloma met Neil almost instantly, on the first day that she registered a profile.

Although they knew each other for two weeks before arrangements were made for a wedding, there was no sign of a formal proposal. After going to New York to meet Paloma and staying for a week, Neil still resisted proposing since he wanted to take her by surprise. After Neil met Paloma’s family and they reciprocated by driving to Alabama to see his, wedding planning and preparation began in full swing.

While all of the planning progressed as scheduled, Neil paid Paloma a surprise visit on Valentine’s Day, taking flowers to her place of work, and then sweeping her off for a helicopter ride after. After arranging for a four-course meal, Neil presented her with a locket asking if Paloma would marry him. Before she could take in what was happening and answer, Neil was on his knees with a ring!

Paloma weds NeilWith seven months to plan for the wedding, the families and planner Rita from Ribha Events had more than their plates full. The Grand Hyatt at Buckhead offered a ballroom unlike any other, which helped Paloma make her choice. Prepared for a morning wedding in full glory, it was taken over by Remmal with Occasions by Shangri-la, who added to its beauty tastefully.

On the wedding day, DJ Hiren played a wonderful mix of music. Special songs were played for the couple, and professional dancers were brought in to perform next to the mandap when she arrived.

At the reception, everyone was treated to great food, music and a warm family atmosphere. There were special dances, including one for the father and daughter. Paloma really did have everything she dreamt of at the wedding, and she wastes no time explaining that while it is easy for stress to take over, it is important to find time to slow things down and unwind. And no matter what happens, you are sure to recount a seemingly perfect wedding afterward!

Paloma weds Neil


Paloma weds Neil

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