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Roshan weds Peter Fusion Indian Wedding at Historic Walton House Photographed by Catalina Ayubi Photography

multicultural wedding

Wedding festivities

Sindhi, American, and English traditions

When Roshan Nebhrajani, a Sindhi medical student, and Peter Bransden, a British VP at a insurance company, met at a bar, little did they know they would be bringing together families and cultures in the name of love!

haldi ceremony,

mehndi ceremony


After dating for a year, Peter began searching for engagement rings. Peter organized a surprise party for Roshan’s 28th birthday on a rooftop bar, where he projected a video on an adjacent building. He dropped to one knee, Roshan said yes, and the planning began!

Roshan weds Peter Indian Wedding at Historic Walton House Photographed by Catalina Ayubi Photography

wedding ceremony

Indian reception

Historic Walton House in Homestead

Their incredible multicultural wedding weaved Sindhi, American, and English traditions and took place in south Florida. Wedding festivities began with a haldi ceremony, mehndi, and sangeet. The haldi ceremony was a new experience for Peter’s family as they had never seen someone’s bare body rubbed with tumeric paste. The sangeet and mehndi party were celebrated at the Microtheater Miami, an outdoor venue featuring performances in shipping containers.

Indian wedding

mandap decoration

wedding location

The wedding ceremony and reception were held at the Historic Walton House in Homestead, Florida. The outdoor afternoon wedding took place under a mandap decorated to enhance the natural lush greenery. Red and orange flowers and foliage made the wedding location picturesque.


Indian wedding planner

hassle free wedding

One special moment at the festivities was the baraat. In a unique touch, the baraat was lead by Peter along with his high school marching band! Though the couple originally thought to host their wedding in the United Kingdom, it didn’t work out. So, the effect of the English marching band was quite appreciated by the couple and the guests. A wow moment for Peter was when he saw Roshan in her wedding outfit. It simply blew his mind away.

Beauty by Z

Anand Event Services

Wedding Decorator

As most couples who plan their wedding on their own, Roshan and Peter recommend that not hiring a wedding planner adds a touch of personalization. This is provided you have the time for it? They also recommend that you have good relations with vendors in the wedding for a smooth and hassle free wedding.

Farah’s Mehendi


Catalina Ayubi Photography

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Cake by Knaus Berry Farm
Catering by Dade County Food Group
Decorator by Anand Event Services Disc Jockey by Sweat Records
Event Planner by The Ministry of Decor Groom Ready for Indian Wedding
Groom with Groomsman Capture
Indian Groomsman showing America and United Kingdom flag
Beautiful Indian Bride's Wedding Wear
Indian Bride's Zumkha (Earing)
Indian Bride Sandle
Indian groom enjyoing with indian groomsman Indian Bride and Groom Holding eachother's hand
Indian Bride showing her Mehndi by Farah’s Mehendi
Indian Bride showing her Mahendi Design
Indian Bride wearing Pocha (Ornaments for Hand)
Indian Bride going to meet indian groom for first look
Tender Movement for Indian Lovebirds

Indian Bride and Groom Possing for outdoor Photoshoot Indian Bride and Groom in Wedding Attire
Indian Bride and Groom Looking Terrific
Indian Bride and Groom Looking Amazing
Indian Bride and Groom Having Great Photoshoot

Indian Bride and Groom ready for Reception Ceremony
Indian Bride with her Sister and Bridesmaid Capture
Gorgeous Photo of Indian Couple Amazing Photoshoot by Catalina Ayubi Photography
Indian Wedding Videography by Anand Event Services Indian Groom Photo During Baraat Procession
Stunning Bride Looking Amazing
Priest by Dharmasetu Das Adhikari
Supari decoration for Indian wedding ceremony
Indian Groom Enjoying with Groomsman Capture
Indian Groom with Groomsman Outdoor shoot
Great Enterance of Indian Bride for her Wedding Wedding Mandap Decorated By Anand Event Services
Newly weds Couple looking each other with love United Kindom and American Indian Wedding
Beautiful Table Decoration
Indian Couple Performing Dance
Indian Bride and Groom During Wedding Ritual Capture
Indian Bride Throughing her Bouque to the guest
Excellent Photography by Catalina Ayubi Photography and Videography by Anand Event Services
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