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Asha and Phillip

Asha and Phillip

The well-known rom-com Jerry Maguire served as the impetus for the heightened chemistry between Actress Asha Rampertaap and Financial Analyst Phillip Etherton. On 02-20-2020 the couple met at a Charity event in New York City where they found themselves finishing each other’s Jerry Maguire quotes. It was the epitome of “You Had Me at Hello,” and the start of  their …

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September 2023
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Real Wedding

indian wedding couple

Stephanie and Neal

Through a dating service, medical specialist Neal Bharadwaj and TV producer Stephanie Waters met. They got together the following day and spent time together over the course of the following week. They developed a remarkable chemistry that made them enjoy each other’s company and wish to get together frequently. The two started casually dating in February 2019 and began a …


Raj Shah Managing Editor Desh-Videsh Media Group

Editorial September 2023

Dear Readers, Once again, we are very happy and proud to bring you another special edition on South Asian weddings. In this editorial, I want to talk more about the sacred role of Hindu scriptures in the Hindu wedding ceremony. Weddings are a universal institution, present in nearly every culture and religion across the globe. However, each community imparts its …

Real Wedding

Indian wedding couple Serena-Karan

Serena and Karan

Both of them studied dentistry at Nova Southeastern University. That was the first thing that Dr. Serena Ghodasra and Dr. Karan Patel had in common. During freshman orientation in 2013, Karan fell in love with Serena during his first week of college. He chose to take his time because he was initially too frightened to approach her. And in 2014, …

Real Wedding

Indian wedding couple Shaina and Yash-

Shaina and Yash

Despite attending the same university, they didn’t communicate until their sophomore year. And ultimately, after leading the girl at the University of Florida on a treasure hunt through her residence, the boy took her to her favorite DNA Bridge and proposed to her. In August 2014, Yash Patel and Shaina Panchal began dating in this manner. Shaina and Yash dated …


Ayurveda Mega-Conference - This October!

Ayurveda Mega-Conference – This October!

-by Chahna Gupta Ayurvedic Medicine is a field that is well established in India but still growing and succeeding at receiving more recognition and respect in the USA. According to India Business & Trade, Ayurveda’s global market will increase to $16 billion by 2026 with India’s Ayurveda export market to have the potential to bring increase to $10 billion by 2030. In an …


Immigration Questions and Answers

1. When can we expect the commencement of visa stamping within the United States? In 2004, the U.S Department of State halted the renewal of U.S visa stamps due to heightened border restrictions following the events of 9/11. Initially, the U.S visa stamping process was established to provide a convenient option for applicants who couldn’t re-enter the United States without …

Bridal Beauty

The Love Affair Between a Woman and Her Saris

The Love Affair Between a Woman and Her Saris

The love affair between a woman and her saris is unmatched. What the Western world perceives as a long piece of fabric, is in reality, a six-yard garment whose every fold, drape, and tuck can transform a woman into any facet of her being. Poised at the top of this hierarchy is the handloom-woven sari. These luxury pieces are one-of-a-kind …