Words to Live By...

Words to Live by Compiled by Raj Shah

Words to Live By…

Compiled by RajShah

This month, we explore shlokas from the Ancient Hindu scriptures that describe bride
and groom’s feelings toward one another.

Floral BorderMangalyam tantunanena
mama jivana hethuna,
Kanthe badhnami subhage
twam jeeva sarada satam

“This sacred thread – Mangal Sutra – is being
tied around your neck for my long life. Dear
maiden of auspicious attributes, I hope you
too live to be a hundred.”

Vintage Floral Border After a couple completes Saptapadi in a Hindu
wedding ceremony, the groom recites this
shloka seeking the bride’s friendship.

Sakha saptapada bhava
Sakhayau saptapada babhuva
Sakhyanthe gameyam
Sakyathe mayosham
Sakhyanme mayoshataha

“With the seven steps,
We have become friends,
Let me reach your friendship
Let me not be separated from your friendship
Let your friendship not separated from me.”

Dher aham prithvi tvam,
Retoham retabhru tvam,
Manoham asmi vaktam,
Samaham asmi rikritvam,
Sa maam anuvruta bhava

Vintage VectorI am the sky and you are
the earth.
I transmit energy while you
receive it from me.
If I am the mind, you are the
word that manifests from its
If I am a strain of music, then
you are the song that stems
from it. You and I, in essence
complete each other and
follow each other.”

Floral Vector

Dharmecha, Arthecha,
Mokshecha.. Naati Charaami!
“Righteously, financially,
by desire, or spiritually,
I will not walk away from her!”


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