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  • Desi TV Duniya

    Desi TV Duniya

    Friends and foes in the Bigg Boss house As the first month draws to a close in the Bigg Boss house – the new sensation at Colors channel, new friendships have started to blossom. The addition of Dolly Bindra has set off a series of …

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  • Bollywood Today

    Bollywood Today

    Raavan may have won mixed reviews for the movie, but several components have been widely received by everyone unanimously. Among them are the masakali anarkalis, traditional dresses, worn by Ash. These have become the rage not only in parts of India, but have caught on …

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  • Immigration Q & A

    Immigration Q and A December 2010

    I have had my green card for seven years, but travel frequently on business. Can I apply for my citizenship? The citizenship requirement you ask about is the physical presence requirement. The simplest way to see if you fall under this rule is to add …

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  • Christmas in India

    Christmas in India

    Dim dawn behind the tamarisks–the sky is saffron-yellow– As the women in the village grind the corn, And the parrots seek the riverside, each calling to his fellow That the Day, the staring Easter Day is born. Oh the white dust on the highway! Oh …

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  • The women behind the most powerful man in India

    The women behind the most powerful man in India

    “You may be going to work, hmm?” Gursharan Kaur reminded her husband, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister (PM) of India, as guests began to disperse after the private dinner they hosted for American President Barack Obama and wife Michelle on November 7. With a half-smile, …

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  • Stress - Understand and Eliminate this Silent Killer

    Stress – Understand and Eliminate this Silent Killer

    Author by Bill Eager An excerpt from the new book Thrive Inside: Secrets of Spiritual Masters, Gurus and Shamans which is available on This section of this book is devoted to the reader who would like to understand the scientific underpinnings that support a …

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  • Obama visits India - Strenghtening Future Relations

    Obama visits India – Strenghtening Future Relations

        Kanchan Gupta, a well-known Indian journalist and writer, begins an article in his blog by writing “There was a time when Indian Prime Ministers used to visit the United States looking for food to feed hungry Indians. Now US Presidents visit India looking for …

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