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Dillon weds Krishna

Krishna weds Dillon by Peter Togel Photography

You know what they say about opposites attract? Sounds too cliché and right out of a Yash Raj movie right? Well for couple Krishna and Dillon from Georgia, that is how their journey began. The two met at the University of Georgia at a freshman event. Initially, they did not click and were total opposites. As their university years passed …

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Priya And Yogin Ftr Img

Priya weds Yogin Indian Wedding at Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

Priya and Yogin’s beautiful love story began when they met through mutual friends. After a few Facebook messages and dates, the couple knew they were onto something special! The two got engaged July 2017 and planned a wedding for December 2018. Priya and Yogin wanted to be sure their wedding celebrations were everything that they had dreamt of and more, …

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Shivali weds Nimish

Shivali weds Nimish at Hilton Orlando

Classic yet modern is one way to describe Nimish and Shivali’s wedding. Living in Florida and always facing uncertain weather conditions, the couple hosted a grand wedding despite the odds! These medical professionals celebrated their love with great fanfare with over 500 guests. In 2012, the two met at a garba event while in graduate school and sparks flew instantly. …

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Indian Wedding Photos


Bursting with vivid and bold hues, opulent décor and intricate but elegant designs very well describe Indian weddings. Also known as Shaadi or Shadi, Indian weddings are best known for their grandeur, traditions, grace, colors and almost carnival-type celebration. Unique photographs taken at an Indian weddings are made up of warm glances, shared laughter, loving stares, bold colors, elegant mandaps, …

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raj shah

Editorial March 2019

Dear Readers, Recently, I was listening to a lecture by one of my favorite Gujarati writers and motivational speaker, Kajal Oza Vaidya, about marriage and relationships. One interesting point she discussed was about the seven vows the bride and groom take the wedding ceremony. She pointed out that during the wedding so many other activities are going on so most …

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