April 2013

Desh Videsh April 2013 – Cover Story

Why Is a Healthy Weight Important?

Why Is a Healthy Weight Important? – Saira Gillani, ND

Author by Saira Gillani, ND In the United States, it is estimated that diabetes can be up to six times more common in South Asian communities. This in turn can lead to a number of serious health problems, including coronary heart disease, kidney disease and eye problems. These health issues can affect anyone. However, a few healthy changes to diet …


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Eat Your Way to a Healthy Body

Eat Your Way to a Healthy Body

Berries High in antioxidants and a myriad of vitamins, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are a great addition to any meal. Wash fruit in the morning and keep it on hand during the day. You will be surprised by how many little hands start picking at the fruit! Add berries to oatmeal, smoothies, and baked goods. Try to buy organic when …

Bridal Expo

2013 MyShadi Bridal Expos in Florida

2013 MyShadi Bridal Expos in Florida

Desh-Videsh Media Group proudly presents two upcoming MyShadi Bridal Expos – Tampa on April 21 and Fort Lauderdale on May 19. Having consistently produced some of the finest South Asian bridal shows in the Southeast, MyShadi Bridal Expo, a cultural event showcasing unique products and services essential for Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Sikh weddings, provides brides-to-be and their families with …

Bridal Expo

Introducing Anirika by Suhaag Garden at MyShadi Bridal Expo

Introducing tAnirika by Suhaag Garden at MyShadi Bridal Expo

Vibrant. Exotic. Bold. Unique. Suhaag Garden launches a new line of couture floral jewelry – tAnirika – designed for the new generation of fashion-forward brides and grooms. Inspired by Asian designs and Indian motifs, tAnirika by Suhaag Garden exudes a crafty combination of floral art and jewelry design. Handmade and customized to coordinate with apparel, elegant flowers are combined with …


Anti Cancer Diet

Anti Cancer Diet – Saira Gillani ND, CTN, MBA Natural Health Atlanta

Author by Saira Gillani, ND Whether you have a history of cancer in your family, or are currently battling the disease, lifestyle factors, including your diet, can make an enormous difference in helping you fight off cancer. Some foods actually increase your risk of cancer, while others support your body and strengthen your immune system. By making smart food choices, …


Immigration Q & A

Immigration Q & A April 2013

Author by Edward Boreth Q. I am a US Citizen. My mother just got her green card. What is the best way for my 27 year old my brotherto come to the US ? A. If your brother is married, your mother cannot apply for him until she becomes a US Citizen. If your brother is not married, both you …


Editorial April 2013

Dear Readers, “Heath is Wealth.” We have been told this so many times. We’ve even written about it and have read so many articles stating this very fact. Unfortunately, most of us ignore this simple statement. When it comes to diet and exercise, most of not likely to practice the two. As one more reminder of its importance, Desh-Videsh dedicates …


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