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  • 2013 Taxes: Don't Overlook These Great deductions

    2013 Taxes: Don’t Overlook These Great deductions

    Author by Raj Vora Since most individual taxpayers are in the process of compiling their tax returns in the coming days, below are some tax deductions/credits, though often overlooked, taxpayers are eligible for and should be considered. The following list may help taxpayers save on …

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  • So You Think You Will Spend Less in Retirement?

    So You Think You Will Spend Less in Retirement? – Shahid Barry

    Author by Shahid Barry People approaching retirement are likely to think they will spend less when they hang up their hats, but the reality might be a lot different than that according to researchers at Bern stein Global Wealth Management. In Daniel B. Eagan’s opinion, …

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  • Social Security Benefits - MUCH MORE THAN JUST RETIREMENT

    Social Security Benefits – MUCH MORE THAN JUST RETIREMENT

    By Devina Mistry, Esq. of Lieberman & Zagoria, P.A., Miami, Florida South Asians play a great role in American society. We are successful engineers, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals. But we are better known for our entrepreneurial spirit and for being big business owners. If …

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  • Money to my home

    Money to my home

    A recently released data by the World Bank officially records that remittance flowing back to developing countries from the bank accounts of their migrants was equal to a sum of $338 billion in the year 2008. What’s interesting here is that out of this huge …

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  • Are you Ready for Retirement?

    Are You Ready for Retirement?

    I dream about my retirement all the time. True / False  I know exactly what I want to do when I retire. True / False  I will not mind being confined to my home with a broken foot, with no Internet, Blackberry or any other …

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  • Planning for Retirement

    Planning for Retirement

    My search for a happy, fulfilling and productive retirement By Dr. Dinesh O. Shah Several of my friends encouraged me to write this brief article in the hopes that my retirement story may inspire others in their retirement years! BEFORE RETIREMENT In the middle of …

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  • It's Your Money

    It’s Your Money

    Planning Investments for Tax Advantages (1) Reducing the amount of taxable income (2) Reducing the tax rate (3) Controlling the time when the tax must be paid (4) Claiming any available tax credit Tax-Favored Investments: Capital gains and qualified dividends are taxed at lower rates. …

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  • Facing the Global Financial Crisis

    Facing the Global Financial Crisis

    The global financial crisis we face today provides a his torically unique opportunity, an opening, to tap into the power of the hidden source within each of us. When you react to crisis, your door to the mysterious source of power, inner strength, and endurance …

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  • What it Means to be an Executor

    What it Means to be an Executor

    Imagine this … you’ve been nominated as the executor of your best friend’s will. You feel honored and at the same time begin to worry about what this means and how do you uphold the responsibilities of your potential future duties. In legal terms, an …

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  • Year-end Tax Tips in an Uncertain Economy

    Year-end Tax Tips in an Uncertain Economy

    The decline in economic activity has many of our clients seeking advice on how to recover from their investment losses. There are some strategies that may help to reduce your tax liability and give you peace of mind. Unemployment: If you are unemployed, here are …

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